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City Farm Review: Belmont Children’s Farm

This blog post is part of a series about London’s City Farms This is one of two city farms in London that charge an entrance fee (the other being Hounslow) and is sufficiently away from the centre of town as

A review of London’s City Farms

Dotted around London, although mainly in the Eastern side are a number of small city farms which aim to give people a small insight into farm life and maybe a bit more awareness that a lamp chop isn’t born in

Visiting an archological dig behind the British Library

Behind the brick edifice of the British Library is a large plot of still derelict land which will shortly be turned over to builders for the construction of a medical research centre (with public areas!) but as usual with any

Highlights from the City of London Festival

Booking details for the annual City of London Festival have been announced, and while predominantly a music festival, there are some other things worth keeping an eye out for. The Bank of England is open for tours twice (I’ve been

Pre-order the London Open House Weekend Guide

Even though London’s annual architectural feast / chance to peer in people’s private homes (delete as appropriate) is not due until the middle of September, you can already place pre-orders for the printed guide. I always buy a copy, partly

May 2011 – The Deptford Jack visits Greenwich

If you are in Greenwich this May Day, then you might spy a 10 foot tall tower of garlands and greenery walking slowly around the town while dancers cavort around it. This is the revival of the old Jack in

Watch 400 Cyclists parade though London wearing Tweed Jackets

The 3rd Tweed Run takes place tomorrow (Sat 9th April), where some 400 cyclists in rather more sensible attire than the excessively revealing Lycra sported by the more athletic of persons parade en-mass around Central London on a range of

Free entry to London’s Roman Amphitheatre

At a time when other museums and galleries are either closing their doors to the great unwashed or at least trying to prise a few pound coins out of their hands to pass within their hallowed grounds – one is

Tower Bridge to lift for the first time in months

This Saturday marks a rather odd moment, as Tower bridge will open to let a boat pass through. Notable, as the bridge has been firmly shut for several months while the road bridge was given a rather more than a

Military Flypasts over London in 2011

Collating details as they are published of the various military aircraft flypasts over London and local area, as I do – and it is about as ready as it is likely to get. Apart from the big flypast in June

Watt gets a dedicated display in the Science Museum?

Watt gets a dedicated display in the Science Museum! I don’t know, what gets a dedicated display in the Science Museum? Yes, Watt does. I don’t know, what gets a display? Argh! OK – silly and very obvious joke aside

Chance to tour a nuclear fusion reactor

Unlike the nasty icky nuclear fission reactors in Japan that are dominating the news at the moment – nuclear fusion is nice cuddly stuff – well, nice and cuddly for something that burns at several million or so degrees Celsius.

Big Royal Navy Warship visiting Greenwich this week

A note from the Royal Navy press office that the Royal Navy amphibious warship HMS Bulwark is taking a break from a busy training schedule to visit London and show off her helicopter and boats in action. The warship arrives

The Grant Museum Reopens this Week

Last summer an email arrived which caused momentary alarm, as the Grant Museum was announcing its closure. Fortunately, the second sentence explained that the closure was to be temporary and the collection will move to a new larger venue just

A tour around the Sellafield Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Plant

Digging out an old report partly as it is topical, and partly as I was talking about it the other night and got a bit nostalgic for one of the best weekend’s I have had. Background: Some years ago on