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Look out for a Tall Green Man in the City on May Day

Tomorrow is May Day, and each year the Fowlers Troop recreate the Deptford Jack parade in a different part of London. This year, it’s the turn of the City to witness a walking mound of greenery parade through it’s stone

A history of Royal Pageantry along the Thames

With the Royal Pageant taking place in a couple of months, it is opportune to learn a bit about the history of such grand events which were often the closest the great unwashed would get to see their Regal masters

Suggestions for things to do outside London during May

My now regular look ahead to events happening next month that would probably be in my events guide, if only they weren’t happening outside the psychological barrier of the M25 motorway.   Padstow Obby Oss Day 1st May Ancient parade

Three heritage events along the Central Line

A terrestrial alignment of heritage took place on Saturday as I found three heritage related events taking place within a few stops of each other on the Central Line. First stop was also underground related as the Post Office’s overflow

Huge military fly past over Windsor Castle in May

As part of the Jubilee Celebrations, three days of events will be taking place at Windsor Castle, culminating in a Regal display on Saturday 19th May.

How to get tickets to the Last Night of the Proms

Prom season is starting again and it’s already time to dust off the envelope and postage stamp in order to apply for tickets to attend the Last Night of the Proms. The tickets are allocated in two separate ballots. The

Olympic sized security exercises on the Thames next month

A notice for mariners to look out for high speed boats whizzing up and down the river, and a very big Royal Navy ship has been distributed. The notice warns that security exercises that will take place along the Thames

Ladies who designed post-war textiles – and mens handkerchiefs

Sitting in a modern building in the achingly fashionable Bermondsey Street is the Fashion and Textile museum, a small space for displays and talks, and of course, the obligatory fashionable café. A display that is currently on is devoted to

A look around Boston Manor House

Sitting half way between posh Chiswick and ahem, less posh Hounslow lies Boston Manor, named after a Manor House – and one of the ancient manors of Middlesex. A short walk from the suitably named tube station is Boston Manor

A new wind-sculpture in Canary Wharf

A semi-circular concrete steel  arch has appeared in the middle of the green lawn by Canary Wharf’s skyscrapers with a range of steel tubes sticking out of the top. A random passer by who lacks curiosity might wander by and

Animal Inside Out – the Body Worlds exhibition at the Natural History Museum

If you are a large museum in a large city, it is now mandatory to have a blockbuster show lain on for the summer months to lure in the paying customers – and this summer, the Natural History Museum have

80th birthday for The Building Centre

Just off Tottenham Court Road sits the Building Centre and in a couple of months it turns 80, and will be hosting a range of events as part of an all-day celebration. If you’ve never visited before (what do you

Suggestions for things to do outside London in April

My now regular look ahead to events happening next month that would probably be in my events guide, if only they weren’t happening outside the psychological barrier of the M25 motorway. Sharrow Lantern Carnival 1st April Parade by local residents

Light show at Crystal Palace

Next month, every single old fashioned television in the London area will stop receiving a TV signal as the main broadcast tower at Crystal Palace switches to digital only broadcasts. Signals sent in easily decoded waves will be replaced by

PR Stunt to pass through Tower Bridge tomorrow – maybe

Checking changes to Tower Bridge’s lifting times to see if anything interesting is arriving, and saw a new notice about something called “The Dart” being accompanied though Tower Bridge with a tug. Some hunting around suggests that The Dart isn’t