Events And Tours

Events And Tours

A roof garden on the 10th floor of an office block

Yesterday, the private roof garden on the top of the Blue Fin Building in Southwark was opened to let the general public wander in to have a look. Fortunately, the sun was shining, the wind was manageable and the plants

Spitfire Fighter Plane flying over North London on Saturday

Something to look out for if you are in the area – one of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight‘s Spitfire planes will be making a flypast over North London on Saturday afternoon (25th June). It will swoop down over

BT Tower to be open again for London Open House

Just been confirmed that the BT Tower will open again this September for the London Open House weekend, and tickets might be just a smidgen easier to get this time as they have “over double” the capacity that was available

What’s on in July Outside London

A possibly regular feature starts today – a look ahead to events happening next month that would probably be in my events guide, if only they weren’t happening outside the psychological barrier of the M25 motorway. Might tempt you outside

US Coast Guard’s Tall Sailing Ship in London

Another of those “why didn’t I know about this earlier” moments, as I noticed a tall sailing ship is berthed in Canary Wharf’s South Dock AND that it is open for the public to wander around for a look. Slightly

Watch a steam train run though South London (and Kensington)

A steam train will be making a loop through South London tomorrow (19th June) – with a diversion through Kensington Olympia – and as it will be one of the longest days of the year, you should be able to

Attending the 2011 Garter Ceremony

Yesterday was the umpteen hundreth annual Garter Ceremony – held in St George’s Chapel within Windsor Castle, and a modest sized group of commoners were allowed into the Castle to watch various Royals and members of the establishment don their fancy robes and walk to Church.

The London Library is to start offering tours again

Good news for book lovers and those with a passion for visiting otherwise unvisitable buildings, as the venerable old London Library is about to restart the guided tours of the building. The Library, which is a private institution that pre-dates

An Open Day at the Epping Ongar Railway

Something for transport geeks… The under-restoration Epping Ongar Railway in North-East London has announced that it will be having an open day for the public next month – specifically Sunday 3rd July – to visit the recently restored 1865 station

25 Military Aircraft to Fly Over London on Saturday

Details of the annual flypast to mark The Queen’s official birthday were announced a couple of days ago – and despite some concerns about their itinerary, the Red Arrows WILL be part of the flypast again this year.

Poyekhali! Yuri Gagarin photo display at the Royal Albert Hall

For the next few months, there will be a modest display of photos from the archive of the Russian news agency, RIA Novosti featuring unseen images of Yuri Gagarin and his life –  from his birth (not literally!) until his

World’s largest Steampunk exhibition visits London

What is said to be the largest exhibition of Steampunk art, craft and engineering in the world has come to London for the next few months and goes on display surrounded by real Victorian steam engineering at the Kew Bridge

Beefeaters Beating the Bounds at the Tower of London

In the year of our Lord, 1698, a most riotous assembly did muster by the walls of His Majesties Royal Palace and Fortress of London, and protested in most vile manners at the disputed boundary betwixt the Tower and All

Art and architecture tours of Portcullis House

Not sure how long they have been doing these, as I haven’t seen it before, but it turns out that there now are twice monthly tours of the new Parliament Building, Portcullis House. To be fair, I don’t look at

Former London Underground Station turned into Art Gallery

You might recall that earlier this year, the somewhat run down tube station that had once marked the end of the East London Line before it was severed in favour of a modern concrete box was put up for sale.

North Sea Fishing Trawler visiting London for a few days

For the next few days, a North Sea fishing trawler will be in London – not to trawl the muddy waters for rare salmon and deprive the local cormorants of their lunch – but to let the general public have

Ride in a vintage tube train to Heathrow Airport

Just announced by the Transport Museum is a trip that is bound to excite a lot of people – a chance to take a trip in the museum’s 1938 art-deco style tube train down to Heathrow Airport. This is the

Open Day at the Army’s training Academy at Sandhurst

Not in London, but close enough to peek my interest at least, and looks interesting in several areas… the Army’s Officer training academy in Sandhurt is having an open day next month – and conveniently on a Sunday. Not just