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Steam Trains return to the Epping Ongar Railway

Over the weekend, the inhabitants of Ongar in Essex got extremely excited as the disused railway linking the town to Epping returned to life again – as a steam railway service. The railway built around 150 years ago, and taken

Mind the Map at the Transport Museum

London’s underground railway can not unreasonably be summed up in two icons – tube trains and that famous map. Now the Transport Museum has put on a display of the famous tube map, from its early days through the Becks

Suggestions for things to do outside London during June

My now regular look ahead to events happening next month that would probably be in my events guide, if only they weren’t happening outside the psychological barrier of the M25 motorway. The Original English Olympicks 1st June The 400th anniversary

Steam Trains to run along a disused Tube Line

If you live out near Ongar on the furthest north-eastern edges of London next this weekend, listen out for the sound of steam trains chugging along a disused part of London Underground’s Central Line railway. After a few years of

Museums at Night takes place this weekend

This weekend is the annual Museums at Night event, with suitable venues around the UK opening up a little bit later than usual and often laying on a few extra goodies. My selection of the London venues is below: Friday

A look around the Leonardo exhibition at The Queen’s Gallery

Is it art or is is science? A display of drawings by a Renaissance artist would seem to be art, but they are the earliest known systematic studies of human anatomy, so they seem to be science. This is the

A bookshop has opened inside the Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner

Wellington Arch, the huge triumphal pile of stone at Hyde Park Corner has gained a tiny bookshop inside the arch itself – oh, and a new exhibition area upstairs. I doubt many people who casually wander past the huge archway

Ride in a 1938 era tube train at the Rickmansworth Festival

The annual Rickmansworth Festival is in a couple of weeks time, and as usual, the London Transport Museum will be there with vintage buses to ferry people between Rickmansworth Station and the Festival at Batchworth Lock. Also, the restored 1938

Expect gunfire and explosions near Old St tube station this evening

Just around the corner from Old Street tube station lies the main parade ground of the Honourable Artillery Company – and this evening (8th May) will be their annual military display which has a tendency to scare the heck out

A small museum inside a military firing range

Lurking on the eastern most edge of the River Thames sits Foulness Island, a low lying marshy farmland that is also almost entirely controlled by the Ministry of Defence for weapons testing. Rather improbably, sitting in the middle of this

The Queen’s “crystal diamond” arrives at the Tower of London

Yesterday evening, just after the last of the tourists were removed (well, almost all of them), a marching band entered the Tower of London, and the Pageantmaster of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Beacons, escorted by Yeomen carried a “crystal diamond”

Look out for a Tall Green Man in the City on May Day

Tomorrow is May Day, and each year the Fowlers Troop recreate the Deptford Jack parade in a different part of London. This year, it’s the turn of the City to witness a walking mound of greenery parade through it’s stone

A history of Royal Pageantry along the Thames

With the Royal Pageant taking place in a couple of months, it is opportune to learn a bit about the history of such grand events which were often the closest the great unwashed would get to see their Regal masters

Suggestions for things to do outside London during May

My now regular look ahead to events happening next month that would probably be in my events guide, if only they weren’t happening outside the psychological barrier of the M25 motorway.   Padstow Obby Oss Day 1st May Ancient parade

Three heritage events along the Central Line

A terrestrial alignment of heritage took place on Saturday as I found three heritage related events taking place within a few stops of each other on the Central Line. First stop was also underground related as the Post Office’s overflow