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Sumptuous glass art work on display

I am sure you've all seen the huge glass chandelier hanging over the main entrance foyer to the Victoria and Albert museum, for you are the sort of people who visit places like that.

Date announced for this year’s “Tweed Run”

Now it its sixth year, the Tweed Run is a mass cycle ride through central London in a more genteel manner than the lycra-clad speeders who usually ply the streets of our city.

See the Astonishing Interior of Two Temple Place

A rather eclectic collection has gone on display inside an equally eclectic building that is worth a visit in its own right if you haven't been before.

Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story

What would a timeline though a million years of the history of Britain look like? Well, mostly ice, and mostly not Britain, thanks to the vagaries of climate changes over the aeon.

Three Art Galleries to Visit. Maybe

Today I visited three art galleries in fairly close proximity to each other. This is what I thought.

A chance to visit 10 Downing Street’s back garden

As part of the annual Open Garden Squares Weekend that takes place later this year, one rather special garden will be open to the public – the one behind 10 Downing Street.

Boring Snoring Conference Returns to London

Set your alarm clocks, because tickets to the most boring event in London go on sale next week.

Eat some brains in an underground WW2 bunker

Nest month, a group are putting on a dining event inside a WW2 bunker underneath Dalston, and will serve up a heady mix of brains to eat, and science to feed the brains in your heads.

Early morning photo opportunity at The Shard

The View from The Shard is having a couple of early morning openings for photographers, and will be relaxing the usual ban on tripods and other heavy equipment that are not permitted during normal open hours.

Fairly rare open day at Trinity House

In its 500th anniversary the usually closed to outsiders home of Trinity House will be open to the general public to have a look around.

War! What is it Good for? Exhibitions! That’s What!

Such is the theme of a display at the Museum of Childhood that asks in that hang-wringing angst way that this particular museum is particularly skilled at -- should children play at war?

Quirky Posters depicting London’s Mysteries

A rather fun exhibition has opened inside London's Transport Museum where artists have taken curiosities of London as their theme for a possible future poster design

Charles Darwin’s head to be eaten by a colony of ants

A series of sculptures created using robotics, live insects and crochet are being put on display in a new exhibition based around Charles Darwin's face.

Art in Peckham’s old Holdrons Department Store

There used to be an outpost of Selfridges in Peckham, back in the days when Peckham was seen as a destination shopping street.

Chance to go inside a disused tube station

Of the closed tube stations that litter the London Underground, two top the list of stations that people want to visit.