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waterloo-photography-02 Landscape photos on display at Waterloo station

A display of the winners of the annual Landscape Photographer of the Year competition have gone on display, in Waterloo railway station.

tower-bridge-03 Catching the Tower Bridge free ferry

It was supposed to happen last weekend, but didn't. It was supposed to happen yesterday, but didn't. It is supposed to happen next weekend, but wont.

maughan-library-01 Exhibition looks at how WW1 supported independence activists

A modest, but historically fascinating view of an often unseen aspect of WW1 has gone on display in the sumptuous Maughan Library.

charles-dickens-museum-04 The Ladybird Life of Charles Dickens: an illustrated adventure

Charles Dickens was a famous author who lived in a house in London for a while. The house is now a museum. Have you been?

city-london-police-museum-04 London gets a new museum – of police history

A new museum has opened in the City of London that tells the long often curious history of their own private police force.

birkbeck-cinephilia-07 An astonishing display of an obsessive collection of film facts

Never has a database ever looked so beautiful. If the IMDB website were ever to be printed out on old computer punch cards, this is what it would look like.

f959077100f74a818c87748626b3d7ac AIDS quilt goes on display for first time in two decades

Next weekend will be the first chance to see the UK's AIDS Memorial Quilt as it goes on display for the first time in 20 years.

charles-dickens-ladybird-02 The Ladybird Book’s illustrated life of Charles Dickens

A collection of original illustrations by Thomas the Tank Engine artist, John Kenney, have gone on display at the Charles Dickens museum, to celebrate the life of the novelist.

Friends-recruiting-kitchner Give the gift of Museum Membership this Christmas

If you want to give something this Christmas that your recipient can use all year round, rather than socks and fragrances... give them a membership pack for a museum they like to visit.

st-pauls-cathedral-triforium-02 Take a tour of St Paul Cathedral’s hidden Triforum

If you were to walk up the spiral staircase to St Paul Cathedral's famous whispering gallery, you might notice locked doors leading to hidden places, and behind one of them lurks a marvel.

geffrye-teenagers-05 Teenage bedrooms infest the Museum of the Home

Down in the basement can be found a mock-up of a strange place, of unusual decorations and motifs, of rebellion and solitude, of the teenager.

museum-of-london-punk-05 Punk retrospective at the Museum of London

How to make a person feel old -- tell them that what they did as an act of youthful rebellion is now in a museum as a treasured artifact.

childhood-museum-boardgames-04 A memory of childhood boardgames on display

Boardgames are one of the rites of passage of aging, from simple games played a young children, through to drunken nights with friends after work. And any such product eventually ends up in a museum, with a display.

guards-museum An underground museum of military history

There's a basement behind a gated entrance in plain sight but hidden from view in central London which conceals a surprisingly large museum.

Google Street View Private fast lane for fast walking pedestrians at Waterloo

Part of a busy pedestrian route near Waterloo station is about to be partially sealed off -- for a PR stunt.

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