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The docklands church built from bits of Old London Bridge

Around 160 years ago, a gleaming white Christian edifice was erected at the southernmost end of the Isle of Dogs that is rumoured to include remains of the old London Bridge in its structure.

The gothic masterpiece concealed in Marylebone

Squashed in between buildings on a site next to the posh shopping area of Marylebone sits a surprisingly large and very gothic inspired church.

The Opulent Interior of St Paul’s Church, Knightsbridge

Next to the exceptionally posh Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge sits an exceptionally posh church, and despite passing by for years, I have never passed by when it is open – until now.

The Newgate Execution Bell – now in a Holborn Church

A large church stands on the corner opposite the Old Bailey and I have passed its locked gates for rather more years than I care to remember, for church that is open for a few hours each day during the week – has never been open when I am passing.

A look around a gothic inspired church in Westminster

Although just a couple of minutes walk from the activity of Victoria Street and around the corner from Channel4’s head office, it is a church you would not casually pass unless you had certain reason to use the street it fronts onto.

Photos from inside the Brompton Oratory

Sitting right next to the V&A museum looms a massive church that despite its location in tourist-central, is hardly known to non-parishioners, and is one of London’s most overlooked and yet most glorious of buildings.

The splendour that is the Victorian “Cathedral of North London”

As Private Eye is wont to say, it’s Grim up North London, but if the eponymous characters of that newspaper were to dart out of their shell, they might find a remarkable building peaking its tall spire above the council estates of Kilburn.

England’s oldest Lych-Gate found in South London

If you approach an old church, mainly in towns and villages rather than cities, you might enter the churchyard through a small wooden gate with a pitched roof. These small gatehouses though have a particularly macabre history, for this is

Two Churches and Two Stations in Bethnal Green

Bethnal Green sports two Churches with very notable and yet also very different representations of the Stations of the Cross. Both built within 80 years of each other, yet the older is also the younger, thanks to the after effects

A scale model of Old London Bridge

If you are the sort of church that has a long association with a famous bridge, it is possibly not that surprising that you might have a large model of said bridge in your building. Such is the church of

A look around St. Margaret’s Church, Barking

Some 800 years ago, a church was built in the grounds of the existing Barking Abbey and while the Abbey has long since vanished, the church still remains as a cornerstone of Christian worship in the town. The Abbey itself

Tom Cribb’s snobbish memorial in Woolwich

If you were wandering through a churchyard in Woolwich, you might spy a rather aloof, snobbish even, memorial stuck in a somewhat overlooked corner behind another building. This noble lion with its nose in the air is the memorial to

See London’s best preserved Roman floor in a Church Crypt

If you were to visit a certain Church in the City of London and go down into its crypt museum, almost overlooked under the stairs you can find one of the most perfectly preserved tessellated Roman pavements in the City.

Finally getting inside St Dunstan-in-the-West

There is a very distinctive church frontage almost next to the Royal Court of Justice on Fleet Street that I have wanted to peer inside for years, but every time I walked past, the doors have been firmly closed.

A 15th century Clock Tower is fund raising for urgent repairs

There has been a church tower on the banks of the Thames in Fulham for over 600 years ringing out the hours and calls to prayer, and I was given a chance to have a climb up the 15th century

A look around St Lawrence Jewry

Sitting on the edge of the large open yard at Guildhall sits somewhat uncomfortably in the space, the church of St Lawrence Jewry Near Guildhall.

A look around Southwark Cathedral

London has three four Cathedrals, and while two – St Paul’s and Westminster — are famous, (And it seems, a fourth one I have never even heard of) Southwark has always seemed to me to be a bit overlooked, which

A look around St Stephen’s Walbrook

Sitting in a corner behind Mansion House at Bank sits a 340 year old church designed by Sir Christopher Wren, with a huge dome modelled on that within St Paul’s Cathedral.