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See London’s best preserved Roman floor in a Church Crypt

If you were to visit a certain Church in the City of London and go down into its crypt museum, almost overlooked under the stairs you can find one of the most perfectly preserved tessellated Roman pavements in the City.

Finally getting inside St Dunstan-in-the-West

There is a very distinctive church frontage almost next to the Royal Court of Justice on Fleet Street that I have wanted to peer inside for years, but every time I walked past, the doors have been firmly closed. So

A 15th century Clock Tower is fund raising for urgent repairs

There has been a church tower on the banks of the Thames in Fulham for over 600 years ringing out the hours and calls to prayer, and I was given a chance to have a climb up the 15th century

A look around St Lawrence Jewry

Sitting on the edge of the large open yard at Guildhall sits somewhat uncomfortably in the space, the church of St Lawrence Jewry Near Guildhall.

A look around Southwark Cathedral

London has three four Cathedrals, and while two – St Paul’s and Westminster — are famous, (And it seems, a fourth one I have never even heard of) Southwark has always seemed to me to be a bit overlooked, which

A look around St Stephen’s Walbrook

Sitting in a corner behind Mansion House at Bank sits a 340 year old church designed by Sir Christopher Wren, with a huge dome modelled on that within St Paul's Cathedral.

The world’s oldest surviving wooden church

If I told you that the world's oldest wooden church is not in a dusty part of Palestine or Ethiopia, but in the green fields of the UK, you might be surprised. Even more so if I pointed out that it is just outside London.

A look around Chipping Ongar Church and Castle

St Martins Church Chipping Ongar Peeking out behind some wonky wooden buildings on Chipping Ongar’s main street is a glimpse of the ancient town church, which is nearly a thousand years old. Built around the time of the Norman Conquest

St Nicholas Church in Great Wakering

Although I was rudely thwarted in my attempt to visit the Foulness Heritage Centre yesterday (and the church next to it), I was slightly compensated by a look around another its sister church which was on my route between Shoeburyness

Inside the restored St Stephen’s, Rosslyn Hill

St. Stephen's is a former church in Hampstead designed in the Neo Gothic style by Samuel Sanders Teulon who considered it the best of the 114 churches he designed.

GASP at the splendour of St Christopher’s Chapel inside GOSH

Most hospitals, in addition to the more chemical treatments, also offer spiritual guidance to those who want it, and often have a chapel set aside for the purpose of prayer or contemplation. Most hospitals also being fairly modern in design

The amazingly gloomy interior of Westminster Cathedral

If you’ve never been inside Westminster Cathedral near Victoria train station, then you are likely to be in for a bit of a surprise, for despite being over 100 years old, they still haven’t finished decorating it. And I hope

How did one of Sir Christopher Wren’s Churches end up in Sth London?

In deepest South London, in a small 1960s housing estate, off a small side street, itself off another small blocked off road – standing alone and largely forgotten – is a remnant of one of Sir Christopher Wren’s magnificent post

HMS Ark Royal’s Battle Ensign (not) on display in Docklands

Just up the road from where I live is St Anne’s Limehouse, a Hawksmoor Anglican Church that was consecrated in 1730, one of the twelve churches built through the 1711 Act of Parliament. The Church is significant for several reasons,

Photos of the Church of St. Alban the Martyr in Holborn

Wandering around London I tend to keep my eyes either watching the ground for any curious manhole covers or the like – or looking around the tops to see what might catch my attention. Sometimes, one of those things is

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