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New artwork in Piccadilly Circus tube station honours Frank Pick

A major new work of art has been unveiled inside Piccadilly Circus tube station to commemorate the defining work done by Frank Pick to create the London Underground we recognise today.

Free London Underground art will be handed out

Tomorrow (22nd Nov), if you are at a select number of tube stations, you might leave with a printed piece of artwork,

A spinning blade of polished steel in St Pancras

At the moment, if you go to the upper floors at St Pancras Station, there's a massive steel twisted blade spinning overhead.

See inside the restored Queen’s House

An ill-fated house built for Queens but rarely used by them, used by governments and as an art gallery, and now newly restored.

Gerald Scarfe and Pink Floyd at The Barbican

Drawings and designs by the surrealist artist, Gerald Scarfe are on display at the Barbican at the moment.

Faded memories of art on concrete blocks

Five years ago, a German street artist paid an overnight visit to Smithfield meat market and left behind a cluster of art, which is still there slowly decaying over time.

High speed video shows tube driver’s view of the Victoria Line

Brixton based artist Zineb Sedira has created a series of films and large-scale photographs that will be displayed at King's Cross St Pancras, Euston, Highbury & Islington and Brixton later this month.

See miniature trains carved out of pencils – for one day only

For one day next week, there will be a small display of astonishingly small model trains at King's Cross station. They're carved out of pencils.

Southeastern Asia Puppets Shown off in the British Museum

A new display has opened in the British Museum, of puppets from Southeast Asia - and its probably the first time many of the objects have gone on public display.

Paralympians as Olympian Gods above a Crossrail station

To mark the latest Olympic games, some of the Paralympians have been rendered into art form and are on display at the Crossrail station in Canary Wharf.

Modern Kazakhstani art appears next to Trafalgar Square

Apart from the political transformation, revolutions often throw up blasts of cultural output as repressed people explode in in a frenzy of creativity.

1960s style spy movie art on the Victoria Line

Starting from next Monday, Victoria line stations will be showing video clips in a 1960s spy movie style as part of the Art on the Underground.

Where the Shadows are so Deep at The Barbican

A curved expanse drifting into darkness and miniature illuminations are interspersed with red flowers dripping blood.

The birth of photography at the Science Museum

The ending of the first Industrial Revolution marked the birth of another, the Information Revolution -- in the form of the first photographs, and to mark that revolution, a new exhibition has opened at the Science Museum.

Jonathan Meades, in Shoreditch, Abroad, Art Again

The dark glasses wearing gloomy commentator on food and architecture has an art exhibition, housed in the achingly fashionable part of London in an achingly fashionable unfinished space of an empty building.