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Concrete Dreams at the Southbank Centre

To mark its reopening following refurbishment works, the brutalist heart of the Southbank has thrown open its backstage to the public for an artistic minded tour.

A multi-sensory exhibition — might be good

An empty hotel with raw concrete spaces is to become the venue for a new "multisensory exhibition" that just about sounds intriguing enough to visit.

Rare London Underground poster by Man Ray up for sale

If your pockets are deeper than the Mariana Trench then you might be excited to know that the iconic Man Ray poster design for London Underground is being sold by an auction house.

See the “Glimpses of Eternity” in Westminster Abbey

A series of stunning watercolours of Westminster Abbey have gone on display, inside the Abbey they depict, and unlike the main building, they're in a part that few realise is free to visit.

Under the Microscope – science as art

A notable scientist has been remembered in an exhibition that is half artwork and half science display.

An art gallery in an old railway station

Ongar station, once part of the Central line has a small art gallery inside it now, and their first exhibition of the year is appropriately about trains.

Arty dog kennels on display at St Pancras station

One of the "get celebrities to paint things then sell them for charity" displays has arrived at St Pancras Station for a few weeks.

Yto Barrada’s bizarre exhibition at the Barbican

The curve, that wonderful massive space for art at the Barbican sometimes has queues around the block so good is the art on display. And sometimes, you're left scratching your head in bewilderment.

Science as art at the Wellcome Collection

Is it science, art, or maybe both. An art exhibition seeks to explore the connection that sees science turned into art, with rather variable end results.

Join a mass participation artwork to mark 100 years of woman’s suffrage

Later this year, there will be a mass participation art event taking place later this year, and the organisers are calling for participants.