Where the Shadows are so Deep at The Barbican

A curved expanse drifting into darkness and miniature illuminations are interspersed with red flowers dripping blood.

The birth of photography at the Science Museum

The ending of the first Industrial Revolution marked the birth of another, the Information Revolution — in the form of the first photographs, and to mark that revolution, a new exhibition has opened at the Science Museum.

Jonathan Meades, in Shoreditch, Abroad, Art Again

The dark glasses wearing gloomy commentator on food and architecture has an art exhibition, housed in the achingly fashionable part of London in an achingly fashionable unfinished space of an empty building.

Covent Garden Covered in Mirrors

Covent Garden’s main Market Building has been covered up, with 32,000 square feet of mirrors.

30th anniversary of London’s pirate TV channel – NeTWork21

Thirty years ago, London gained a new television channel — for just 30 minutes every Friday and on air for less than a year — this was NeTWork21.