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Competition to design a railway footbridge

Network Rail has opened a competition to design a new footbridge that can be used to improve accessibility at stations and level crossings.

See inside Crossrail’s Farringdon Station

An almost modest ticket hall conceals a marvel deeper underground as Crossrail gave the public their first chance to see the massive platforms that will soon throng with paying passengers.

Peckham’s own “highline” moves forward to being built

A mini-Highline is a step closer to be being built in Peckham following the completion of the crowdfunded feasibility process.

City office block swapping cars for bicycle racks

A sign of the times, as a large office in the City of London wants to get rid of most of its car parking space, and replace it with bicycle racks and cycling facilities.

Queen Anne’s Summerhouse – a 300 year old folly you can sleep in

Hidden away in a private wood is a 300 year old folly, Queen Anne's Summerhouse. Queen Anne never visited it, but you can.

City of London mulls making Bank traffic ban permanent

Safety improvements at the road junction outside Bank tube station have reportedly seen casualties reduced by 52% since they were implemented last year.

Consultation on redevelopment of Tesco Kennington

The sprawling Tesco superstore and car park in Kennington could be replaced with blocks of flats, if approval is given to redevelop the site.

Disused tube station cleared ahead of construction works

The derelict site of the former Aldgate East tube station, which closed in October 1938, has been cleared ahead of construction works which will see the area covered over once more.

Have you seen the Metropolitan Arcade at Liverpool Street Station?

An early precursor of the modern shopping centre is the Arcade, and a rather fine example can be found just outside Liverpool Street station.

Westminster Abbey gets a new tower

Slightly hidden away, Westminster Abbey has gained a striking new bronze tower that sits well against its ancient stones.