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Disused tube station cleared ahead of construction works

The derelict site of the former Aldgate East tube station, which closed in October 1938, has been cleared ahead of construction works which will see the area covered over once more.

Have you seen the Metropolitan Arcade at Liverpool Street Station?

An early precursor of the modern shopping centre is the Arcade, and a rather fine example can be found just outside Liverpool Street station.

Westminster Abbey gets a new tower

Slightly hidden away, Westminster Abbey has gained a striking new bronze tower that sits well against its ancient stones.

Concrete Dreams at the Southbank Centre

To mark its reopening following refurbishment works, the brutalist heart of the Southbank has thrown open its backstage to the public for an artistic minded tour.

East London’s Minnie Lansbury suffragette Memorial Clock

A grand green clock hangs off the side of an otherwise unremarkable block of flats in memory of a quite remarkable woman.

Lego, postboxes and 3d maps – 150 years of the Chartered Surveyor

If you've ever seen people in hi-vis standing on street corners holding rulers and odd looking contraptions, then you've seen a surveyor, the people who measure things.

A stone obelisk with a hidden secret

Just outside Finsbury Circus near Liverpool Street station is a small stone obelisk that looks like just another city monument, but in fact conceals a hidden purpose.

London’s Pedways are back – and they’re magnificent

Long maligned as bad planning done worse, the pedways are making a triumphant return to the City of London. Away with windswept concrete plazas that sat leaden upon the land and hello to filaments of steel dancing around buildings.

The ancient Stationers’ Hall opens up for public tours

Long hidden behind other buildings, Stationers' Hall is one of the largest and most opulent of City livery halls, and they've just started holding regular public tours.

Admire the arts & crafts workshops behind Liverpool Street station

On a street surrounded by modern glass and steel office blocks, can be found this slightly ramshackle but quite delightful row of workshops and flats.