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Approval for hotel covered in plants

The largest green wall in Europe has been approved for the City of London, with a new hotel to go where an old office block currently sits.

Appeal logged to build the Tulip skyscraper

The controversial plans for a tulip shaped viewing tower are back, with an appeal logged against the decision to block its construction.

East London’s unused heliport and unbuilt bridge

Not far from Beckton DLR depot is an odd road that seems somewhat oversized and impressive for the minimal amount of traffic that uses it.

TfL planning more tower blocks on its car parks

More information has been released about TfL’s plans to turn a long length of land next to a railway into blocks of flats.

Museum of London submits application to move to Smithfield

The Museum of London has filed the formal planning application that will see it move from its London Wall site to the derelict market buildings at Smithfield.

Plans for a post-meat market Smithfield unveiled

With the City of London considering moving its historic meat market out of Smithfield, thoughts are turning to what could done with the empty buildings.

London’s first permanent “City Trees” soak up pollution

Two large artificial “trees” have been installed outside Leytonstone tube station and on the High Road to help improve air quality in the area.

Underground reservoir in London revealed

One of Thames Water’s most spectacular structures – hidden under ancient woodland in London – was revealed in all its Victorian glory during maintenance work recently.

The Tide, Greenwich’s pointless folly

If someone said, design me something pointless then cover it in hype, then The Tide in Greenwich would be the result.

Expanding IBM’s brutalist office on the Southbank

The Southbank’s brutalist office block occupied by IBM could be getting bigger if plans by the owners are approved by the council.

The best brutalist staircase in London

There are many contenders for best staircase in London, but I am going to pitch this little known staircase on the Southbank for the title.

Exhibition about plans for 55 Broadway

Last week, an exhibition was held to show off the plans to turn London Transports former art-deco headquarters into a posh hotel.

The four staircases of Holborn Viaduct

150 years ago, a deep sloping road in Central London was replaced with a marvelous bridge — the Holborn Viaduct.

The less than iconic Icon Outlet at the O2

You’re a huge tent with large numbers of visitors thronging to see the latest instagram star, so what could be better than a long row of designer retailers to drain even more money from their wallets?

Fewer shops on Oxford Street in £3 billion revamp

The shopping heart of London will soon have fewer shops, after the local trade group announced plans for a large-scale revamp of the area.

The St James’s Market Pavilion

On a formerly oddly empty plot of land in Haymarket is a temporary exhibition pavilion.

National Portrait Gallery to close for 3 years

A part of a major rebuilding project, the National Portrait Gallery has announced that it will be closing for three years, from the end of June 2020.

TfL starts renting out railway arches

A long line of railway arches under the Hammersmith and City line are being rented out by TfL following refurbishment work.