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A look around the new Library of Birmingham

Birmingham has two very large public spaces, separated by the brutalist architecture of the public library. One with the town hall and next to the market and main shopping areas, and on the other side of the library, sits a more artistic quarter with theatres.

Another attempt to rebuild the Crystal Palace

From fiery embers, phoenix like, the Crystal Palace is to be reborn. A shining glass emporium of culture to adorn the terraces of long neglected Sydenham. Except, that isn’t what is being planned.

Photos from the new King’s Cross Square

Barely meeting its Thursday deadline, the long anticipated King’s Cross station got the wide plaza space in front of the original Victorian station building.

Drawings of London’s building sites in the British Museum

A modest little exhibition has opened in the British Museum that displays a number of prints of London under varying states of construction.

Take a look around London’s newest Postcode – E20

Over the next few weeks, people will start typing E20 in to websites as the first part of their address as they move into new flats built on the Olympic Park.

A look around an empty office block in Victoria

Even by the standards of the era it was built in, Selborne House — that sat opposite the Army and Navy store on Victoria Street — was a masterpiece of bland office design — a brown monolithic slab of drab.

In praise of Euston Railway Station

Much derided, in part for its admittedly shabby appearance and dated fascia, as for how it reduced the Euston Arch to rubble, Euston Station is not a particularly loved building.

Planes, Trains and Drains at the Building Centre

A new exhibition about London’s infrastructure opened recently in the Building Centre that shows off the three dominant challenges for the city in the decades ahead.

There is a Big Red Shed on the SouthBank

If you have passed by the Southbank recently or crossed over Waterloo Bridge in a red bus, you might have struggled to avoid seeing a big red shed that has appeared next to the National Theatre.

London Wall’s Ugliest Tower Block

Of the many post-war mistakes built in the City of London, one of the ugliest has managed to cling on determinedly, the black and steel monolith of St Alphage House.

A look inside the Lighthouse HQ next to the Tower of London

For just under 500 years, Trinity House has been looking after the safety of seafarers around the coasts of Britain, but an organisation set up to save people from disaster seems to be rather unlucky with its own buildings.

The splendour that is the Victorian “Cathedral of North London”

As Private Eye is wont to say, it’s Grim up North London, but if the eponymous characters of that newspaper were to dart out of their shell, they might find a remarkable building peaking its tall spire above the council estates of Kilburn.

England’s oldest Lych-Gate found in South London

If you approach an old church, mainly in towns and villages rather than cities, you might enter the churchyard through a small wooden gate with a pitched roof. These small gatehouses though have a particularly macabre history, for this is

Closed for 130 years, the public observation tower in central London

In 1834, a tall observation tower was opened to the public near to Trafalgar Square giving people a chance to look down on Pall Mall and overlook St James Park and Whitehall.

A look inside one of London’s longest office buildings

One of London’s longest office blocks has recently been undergoing a bit of a clean up and last week, I was able to have a look around the spartan interior before the new tenants move in. The building is the

The gutted interior of the Arcola Theatre revealed

Last January, the Arcola Theatre marked its 11th anniversary by moving into a new home, a former paint works and did what they could with the building to get it open in just a few weeks, but now thanks to an Art Council grant, they are undertaking a refurbishment of the site to make it more suitable for theatrical works.

Unbuilt London: Monumental buildings that never were

Last night I wandered along to the V&A for one of their Friday night events, mainly for a couple of exhibitions on “vanishing London” and “Buildings that were never built”.

The Hole in The Wall

Near Hyde Park, many years ago I found this rather charming local feature – and recently, I finally remembered to take a camera and photograph it. I originally found it when doing one of my random wanderings around, where I