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Moorgate’s Mighty Bronze Doors

Even people who walk down Moorgate daily will have barely noticed a pair of massive bronze doors, for they are usually kept folded open, and only at the weekend is their full beauty apparent.

How Crossrail is using 3D-printing to build its stations

When you start to use the new Elizabeth line stations next year, among its many achievements will be the first large scale use of 3D-printing in concrete.

Go inside the Bank of England’s Tivoli Corner

One of the delights of London is that you can walk past something loads of times, then suddenly discover something interesting about it.

The Views from One Blackfriars

A boomerang, or vase, depending on your preference has risen up in Southwark and at the weekend, there was a chance to have a look at the views to be enjoyed by the super-rich who will live within.

Exhibition shows off the unbuilt plans for the V&A Museum

That cathedral to art and design is itself a product of the same, and has put on an exhibition about how it came to be what it is.

See the plans for a Battersea’s Northern line station

Wandsworth Council is consulting local people on London Underground's plans for the eastern entrance of the proposed new Battersea Power Station tube station.

A hidden industrial marvel at Canary Wharf

If you live near Canary Wharf you might regularly pass a rather modest brick building, but hidden within is a industrial delight to see.

Open House – Going inside Admiralty House

Hidden behind one of Whitehall's classical facades can be found a building as old as the Times newspaper, and described as the smallest Grand House in London.

A modernist marvel – the staircase of Bevin Court

Hidden around a corner on a side street not far from Kings Cross can be found one of Britain's great post-war modernist buildings -- and an amazing staircase.

The V&A looks at Plywood and likes it

The ancient Egyptians invented it, the Victorians industrialised it, the Edwardians loved it, and most of us who sat on plywood chairs at school hated it.

See a scale model of the Royal Albert Hall

There's a small, but interesting display at the moment showing some of the late changes that were made to the Royal Albert Hall during its construction.

A room in the V&A Museum filled with architectural models

Far away from the main visitor route, there's a large room high up in the V&A museum full of architectural models.

Covent Garden to get a plant covered building

People leaving Covent Garden tube station could soon be staring at a wall covered in plants.

Open House London tickets released this week

Details about which buildings will be opened to the public for Open House London weekend will be published later this week.

The V&A Museum’s new entrance

A few weeks ago, and a decade or so later than originally planned, the V&A finally opened its new Exhibition Road entrance.