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Former gasworks turning into entertainment venue

Four giant warehouses and an empty field -- a former gasworks in Tottenham -- is to become a new entertainment venue.

An exhibition of railway footbridges at Waterloo Station

The mezzanine at Waterloo Station has been filled with photographs of railway footbridges -- as part of the Network Rail retrospective study.

LEGO is launching a Trafalgar Square model kit

If you fancy an architectural model of Trafalgar Square, made from LEGO, then you'll be able to have one in just a few weeks time.

Stratford’s oldest building – the Old Dispensary

Just around the corner from the main shopping area in Stratford is an old building -- the Old Dispensary, and it's the oldest building in the town.

City gives the thumbs up to the Tulip Skyscraper

The controversial Tulip skyscraper has been approved by the City of London, despite complaints from various heritage lobbies and the Mayor of London's office.

Hammersmith turning old railway track into its own Highline

A disused section of old railway track could become another Highline for London, if proposals by Hammersmith Council are carried out.

Giant black sphere coming to Stratford

An ominous giant sphere could be coming to Stratford, and despite its apocalyptic appearance, it's actually a concert hall.

Plans to rebuild Clapham Junction Station shown off

Initial plans for a huge rebuild of Clapham Junction station have been shown off, with the rebuilt station sitting underneath a large housing development.

The Pigeons pub and hotel

Not a pub or hotel, and not for pigeons, but in Stratford is a grand old building that was once a pub and hotel for humans.

The old cottage being restored in Plaistow

On the other side of the road from Plaistow Station is a set of steps down to a park, and a dilapidated cottage.

City of London blocks huge adverts on Cannon Street railway bridge

Network Rail's plans to put two 12-metre wide video display screens at Cannon Street's railway bridge have been blocked by the City of London's planning authority.

Another Sky Garden for London

They're popping up like mushrooms, as another "sky garden" gets planning approval for the City of London.

Last chance to book for tours of building sites

Open Doors is next week – a chance to go behind the scenes of building sites across the UK and see how buildings are built. It’s aimed at people interested in the building trade, as a career, or just curious

Tickets Alert: Tours of modernist London Underground

The Modernism in Metro-Land tours are back with a couple of walks in May and June of modernist tube stations.

Disused riverside pier to be restored at London Bridge

The site of a riverside pier that was removed in 2012 is set to be rebuilt, restoring a riverside access that had been in use for 400 years.