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London Alleys – Essex Street Steps

This is probably the grandest entrance that has ever been constructed to what is just a short set of steps between two roads.

London Alleys – The Nameless Alley

There is a nameless alley in London. It wont appear on any maps. It appears and vanishes seemingly randomly, moving without moving.

London’s Alleys – Spital Yard

Just off the busy main road running between Liverpool Street and Shoreditch is a short little alleyway with a small dose of history about it.

London’s Alleys – Prudent Passage

This is a rather curious little alley, offering a convenient if easy to miss passage between two side streets.

London’s Alleys – Lovers Walk

There's a wooded pathway that is not called Lovers Walk, but that's what everyone other than the original planner now calls it.

London’s Alleys – Post Office Court

You wont be surprised to learn that this alley is named after the actual Post Office, as this site used to be its headquarters.

London’s Alleys – Lumley Court

If you walk along the north side of The Strand you cannot help but notice a number of small alleys, some rather delightful, but this is Lumley Court, where you are exhorted to speak with hushed tones.

London’s Alleys – Talbot Court

This is one of the larger alleys in London, and one which is very heavily used, thanks to hosting a number of businesses, and a rather fine pub.

London’s Alleys – Nicholas Passage

Running, not inappropriately, from Nicholas Lane, can be found this rather short little alleyway that takes you between a single block of offices over to Abchurch Lane.

London’s Alleys – Pope’s Head Alley

This alley has the distinction of being involved indirectly in King Henry's break from Rome and appeared in Pepy's Diary.

London’s Alleys – Great Eastern Walkway

Hidden behind the tall offices that run along Liverpool Street Station can be found a surprising hidden walkway.

London’s Alleys – Fitzroy Court

If you were to head up Tottenham Court Road towards Warren Street tube station, you might notice a small alley way.