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London’s Alleys: New Bell Yard, EC4

This yard is New, and looks it, but also on the site of an old, but at the time never so called, Bell Yard.

London’s Alleys: Sugar Bakers Court, EC3

This rather small dead-end of an alley is in an area of London that is surprisingly rich in ancient history, but also offers an amazing view of a modern landmark. The area around Sugar Bakers Court is likely to have

London’s Alleys: Church Entry, EC4

This short alley, and indeed most of the surrounding land lies within the late 13th century Blackfriars friary, which in it's time was one of the largest single sites within the old City of London.

London’s Alleys: Shepherdess Place, N1

This alley is notable for appearing in a very famous song, of which most of us know just one line - Pop! goes the weasel.

London’s Alleys: Pedley Street Arch, E1

A curiosity of what is more usually called Pedley Street Arch is that it's not on Pedley Street at all, but Fleet Street Hill, and what is called Pedley Street used to be Weaver Street, and what was Pedley Street...

London’s Alleys: Hartshorn Alley, EC3

This is both delightful, in a 1980s sort of way, and yet somewhat perplexing alley in the City of London.

London’s Alleys: Mason’s Yard, SW1

This is a space that will be very familiar to art fans, and a mystery to many, for this hidden square in posh St James is also home to a very famous art gallery.

London’s Alleys: Crown Passage, SW1

A picturesque alley that's lined with ancient shops and inns, and within staggering distance of royal palaces and posh clubs.

London’s Alleys: Rose Alley, EC2

This easily overlooked gap in a row of shabby shops opposite Liverpool Street station is one of my favourite London alleys, because it's awful.

London’s Alleys – Doby Court, EC4

This is a peculiar little thing, being two alleys separated by an ancient City of London street.

London’s Alleys – Mile End Place, E1

Hidden in a side street off busy Mile End road is a tiny enclave of cute cottages, surrounded by death.

London’s Alleys – Ireland Yard, EC4

This small alley, with a very decorative pub conceals a lost history of religion, plays, and William Shakespeare.

London’s Alleys – Crane Court, EC4

This rather modern looking and uninspiring alley near Fleet Street is however steeped in history, science and political intrigue.

London’s Alleys – Cock Hill, E1

A name to conjure up a snigger, for there is indeed a giant cock on Cock Hill just around the corner from Liverpool Street Station.

London’s Alleys – Mason’s Avenue, EC2

Most of London's little alleys are simply routes, from one place to another, few are destinations. But Mason's Avenue is a destination, in capital letters.