London’s Alleys: Cosmo Place, WC1

This is an alley of mixed appearances, with a claimed link to the madness of King George III.

London’s Alleys: Rose Court, E1

Rose Court is a rather unappealing alley that looks like it’s probably modern but is a relic of older times. It’s also sufficiently small as to rarely appear on any maps.

London’s Alleys: Great Turnstile, WC2

This is the greater of three turnstile alleys in the Holborn alley, although only greater in name not in stature.

London’s Alleys: St Olave’s Court, EC2

This alley near the Guildhall seems to have been in existence since the 11th century.

London’s Alleys: Cranbourn Alley, WC2

This short alley next to Leicester Square is undeniably the underbelly of the glitzy lights of the West End. A dingy space of back doors and air conditioning units, or dubious smells and garish signs. It’s perfect.

London’s Alleys: Whitcomb Court, WC2

This is one of those dirty alleys that that overflows with rubbish and mess, but it also has the moon in the midst of its grime and clutter.

London’s Alleys: Quality Court, WC2

Quality Court off Chancery Lane is most appropriately named, being an upmarket concealed courtyard space.

London’s Alleys: Ship and Mermaid Row, SE1

This vintage looking alley is probably named after the Ship and Mermaid public house which used to be at Snowsfields, and is today a curious curve around a corner, squeezed between social housing.

London’s Alleys: Chichester Rents, WC2

This rather dramatic and modern looking alley is a modern redevelopment of an alley that can trace it’s heritage back to the original developments along Chancery Lane.

London’s Alleys: Fairchild Place, EC2

A short side street next to a disused railway in Shoreditch has a complicated history.

London’s Alleys: Panyer Alley, EC2

An alley that can be traced all the way back to Tudor London, with a famously enigmatic stone plaque on one wall.

London’s Alleys: Dyer’s Buildings, EC1

This slightly posh looking alley off Holborn is a recent redevelopment of a series of much older buildings, and the alley itself is ancient.

London’s Alleys: Three Cups Yard, WC1

This short alley through a pub gateway is a pale shadow of its much larger past, where old warehouses and shops are now achingly expensive flats.

London’s Alleys: Ely Court, EC1

This is an ancient alley of legendary status and about which many myths have been written.

London’s Alleys: George Court WC2

A short alley near Charing Cross that is today probably more famous for its sole commercial occupant, the Retro Pub.

London’s Alleys: Sebright Passage, E2

This is an alley way leading to a well known local pub, and was named after a rich philanthropist who left land around here to charity.

London’s Alleys: Cheshire Court, EC4

This short narrow alley off Fleet Street has seen some of the most famous names in history walk down it’s narrow path, for there’s a pub door down here that’s legendary.

London’s Alleys: Bartholomew Passage, EC1

This is a short alleyway that runs behind St-Bartholomew-the-Great Church, and in front of a very modern Livery Hall.