London’s Alleys: Bartholomew Passage, EC1

This is a short alleyway that runs behind St-Bartholomew-the-Great Church, and in front of a very modern Livery Hall.

London’s Alleys: Cockpit Steps, SW1

Named after an inn and a dark period of history, this rather posh passage and charming steps can be found just around the corner from Parliament.

London’s Alleys: Harp Alley, EC4

This is a fairly wide modern looking alley just off Fleet Street that follows a path which is traceable back to Tudor times.

London’s Alleys: Abel’s Buildings, E1

This is an unmarked alley that runs under the DLR and railway tracks into Fenchurch Street and somehow survives as a narrow smelly dank alley way. So obviously, it’s marvelous.

London’s Alleys: Sussex Mews East, W2

This is a sunken alley that sits on a site that was extensively redeveloped in the late 1930s and 1960s.

London’s Alleys: Patten Alley, TW10

A long narrow brick lined path, Patten Alley marks one of the original paths through the open fields of 17th century Richmond. 

London’s Alleys: Tweezers Alley, WC2

This is both a brand new road, and an ancient alley that can be traced back at least 800 years, and a ceremony that has taken place every year since then.

London’s Alleys: Maggie Blake’s Cause, SE1

This short alley near Tower Bridge is a delightful passage to the Thames, but was very nearly sealed off.

London’s Alleys: Woburn Walk, WC1

Woburn Walk is a charming pedestrian street that is surprisingly found just opposite Euston Station.

London’s Alleys: Colonnade, WC1

Colonnade (sometimes Mews) is a narrow length of pleasing road that’s rather well hidden despite being right next to a central London tube station.

London’s Alleys: Lewisham Street, SW1H

This is a fairly difficult to trace alley that seems to be ancient heritage, but is probably quite modern.

London’s Alleys: Warwick Court, WC1

This alley with a mix of modern and old buildings is a legacy of an impressive house and impressive bombing raids during WW2.

London’s Alleys: St Peter’s Alley, EC3

This seemingly fairly modern looking alley is actually one of the oldest in London, and potentially dates from pre-Saxon London.

London’s Alleys: St Paul’s Alley, EC4

This is London’s shortest alley, and also one that you can’t actually walk down any more as modern gates replicate a medieval barrier.

London’s Alleys: Swedeland Court, EC2

Swedeland Court is a very narrow passage that is very easy to miss, even as it sits right next to a landmark pub for the area opposite Liverpool Street station.

London’s Alleys: Billy Fury Way, NW6

This is an old path that appeared with the railways but only gained the name of a local celebrity fairly recently.

London’s Alleys: Magdalen Passage, E1

A narrow open passageway that creates a convenient cross passage in the middle of two otherwise long unremitting roads.

London’s Alleys: French Ordinary Court, EC3

An exceptionally atmospheric alley that burrows its way through history and deep under modern London.