Alleys - Latest news and reviews

London’s Alleys: Sugar Loaf Walk, E2

This is a rather bland, if convenient footpath in Bethnal Green, but one that marks ancient boundaries.

London’s Alleys: Blue Boar Alley, E1

This is a relatively new addition to the streets of London, being a result of post-war clearance, and some recent upgrades.

London’s Alleys: White Rose Court, E1

This insignificant little alley nonetheless has on its corner a relic of Spitalfields Jewish past.

London’s Alleys: Artillery Passage, E1

This narrow picturesque alley in Spitalfields looks old and is indeed old, far older than it looks.

London’s Alleys: Bengal Court, EC3

One of the best hidden of the City's alleys can be found through a small gap in a corner laying within a small maze of other alleys.

London’s Alleys: Puma Court, E1

This wide and ancient alley is today a haven of heritage next to the bustling and crowded Commercial Street.

London’s Alleys: Bear Alley, EC4

That rather unpromising looking alley may be today a facilities route for offices, but its heritage is ancient.

London’s Alleys: Nottingham Court, WC2

This semi-convenient bypass for tourist central is rather modest for something named after the owner of Kensington Palace.

London’s Alleys: Emerald Court, WC1

Welcome to London's narrowest alley, and it's not the one that most other people say is the narrowest alley in London.

London’s Alleys: Star Alley, EC3

An ancient alley, on a modern alignment that will soon shift sideways, this is the astronomically named Star Alley.