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Goodbye Russett

One day, you arrived. Scared and seemingly abandoned by your former owners, patched up a bit by the cat shelter and put on display in a noisy room full of strangers.

My bookcase is empty

It's World Book Day today. At least it is in the UK. The rest of the world marks World Book Day in April. On World Book Day, my bookcase is empty.

The Return of The Cough

The Cough is back – a recurring bane of my life that crops up after I am recovering from any mild illness. Viruses and bacteria can send a person to bed in a ball of misery, but it is The

IanVisits is 5 years old today

On this day, five years ago I posted the first message on this blog in a move from chatting on a private website forum to posting my thoughts on a public blog. IanVisits is five years old today. Happy Birthday!

The story behind www.ismubarakstillpresident.com

On “teh internets” there is a meme that exists, known as the Single Serving Site, where the URL poses a question, and the website replies with a blank page and a single word answer. Last Thursday I sent out a