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Ten years of living with HIV

A decade ago I nearly died. Rushed to hospital seriously ill, and given just a 1-in-3 chance of surviving to the following week. I had HIV, and it nearly killed me.

London’s weekly railway news #63

A weekly round-up of London's rail transport news...

A new camera at last

About 10 years ago I bought a brand new camera. Quite a good one for the time, and although it had wider usage, the motivation was a specific event that I wanted to photograph with something decent.

A birthday and a demographic shift

I marked an anniversary of my birth recently, and moved into an entirely new demographic box.

Clothes shopping

I am not much for shopping for clothes, not because I am the sort who is comfortable looking scruffy, but because it is such a chore, and deliberately designed to be so by the fashion retailers.

Open Day Tours of the Eurotunnel terminal

A day trip to Folkestone? To look around a train terminal? Sounds good!

Backwards posters to appear on the Underground

As part of the WW1 commemorations, a new art work is to go on display across the London Underground -- a backwards poster.

Inside the post-war marvel of Stockwell Bus Garage

Hidden away from casual glance on a side street behind Stockwell tube station sits one of the great post-war marvels of architecture.

Just two more dates to visit the Kirkaldy Testing Museum

A small rarely opened museum filled with a huge Victorian testing machine has secured a 2 month extension on its lease offering potentially just a few more chances to visit.

I have a new mobile phone

I didn't want a new mobile phone, but the old one was finally screaming in agony when I tried to use it and so it had to be prepared for the knackers yard and put out for rendering down to make more glue.

A hidden garden of delights in Peckham

If you pass down Choumert Road from Peckham Rye station, you may occasionally stop to look at a locked metal gate protecting a verdant alleyway. Ordinarily, only those who live within can turn left into first class accommodation, but just once a year, all and sundry are invited within.

Bank tube station upgrade — consultation opens

The last of three public consultations is opening for comment about the plans to upgrade the Bank tube station complex.

An embarrassing request

Well, this is damn embarrassing frankly. Those who know me know I have been engaged in an increasingly frantic search for a job before my money ran out.


The D-Word. Depression. Such Fear, Much Loathing, How Hyped, So Pathetic.

IanVisits – a year in review

Another year over, and as many look forward to the year ahead, I am left pondering a mixed year that has passed by.