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London’s weekly railway news

A weekly round-up of London's rail transport news...

Find the King’s Cross milestone

People rushing to catch trains at King's Cross are often oblivious of what they are standing next to, and right by a pedestrian crossing is an old milestone.

Reduced entry into Bank tube station from next week

Starting next week, the main Central line ticket hall at Bank station will become exit-only in the mornings. There will also be a reduced down escalator service to the Central line during the evening peak.

A Vagina Museum is coming to London

If they can raise enough money, then Camden could be boasting a new museum later this year -- devoted to female anatomy.

Hammersmith turning old railway track into its own Highline

A disused section of old railway track could become another Highline for London, if proposals by Hammersmith Council are carried out.

Giant black sphere coming to Stratford

An ominous giant sphere could be coming to Stratford, and despite its apocalyptic appearance, it's actually a concert hall.

TfL sells off offices above Holborn tube station

TfL has sold the offices and shops above its Holborn tube station for a reported £40 million to an investment company.

A display of poisons and lotions

A museum filled with medicines can be found just around the corner from the Tower of London, presumably to offer salves to those who had just lost their heads.

Crossrail extension to Ebbsfleet gets extra funding

Further funding has been provided by the government to investigate options for extending the future Elizabeth line out towards Ebbsfleet in Kent.

Plans to rebuild Clapham Junction Station shown off

Initial plans for a huge rebuild of Clapham Junction station have been shown off, with the rebuilt station sitting underneath a large housing development.

See inside the Our Lady of Compassion Church

Sitting next to what was once the West Ham football club, and is now a generic housing development is a one-hundred(ish) year old Catholic Church.

The Pigeons pub and hotel

Not a pub or hotel, and not for pigeons, but in Stratford is a grand old building that was once a pub and hotel for humans.

Loads of seats coming to railway stations

Following a passenger survey, the total seating capacity at Victoria and London Bridge is now being increased from 150 at each station to 400 at each station.

Newborn kittens found under a London Underground escalator

A mum and her four newly born kittens have been found living underneath an escalator at a London Underground station.

The old cottage being restored in Plaistow

On the other side of the road from Plaistow Station is a set of steps down to a park, and a dilapidated cottage.