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A look inside the 42-story Manhattan Loft Gardens

The tallest tower in Stratford is either slightly late, or very late, depending on how you calculate it.

Plans shown off for a bridge across the Thames at the Barrier

The Thames Barrier could get a pedestrian bridge next to it under plans that have been shown off by Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands. The proposed 530-metre long “Barrier Bridge” is a multi-span, double-leaf bascule bridge that would be situated immediately upstream

St Paul’s Cathedral drops photography ban

St Paul's Cathedral has decided to allow photography within the building, overturning a ban that was often surreptitiously ignored anyway.

150th anniversary of the repeal of the wig powder tax

This month marks 150 years since a legacy of war with France was dropped - the government stopped taxing perfumed powders used to decorate Georgian wigs

London’s Alleys: Three Cups Yard, WC1

This short alley through a pub gateway is a pale shadow of its much larger past, where old warehouses and shops are now achingly expensive flats.

There’s a Spitfire fighter plane inside London Bridge station

If you catch a train from London Bridge, then look out for a Spitfire fighter plane sitting in the middle of the main concourse.

Now you can use your Fitbit to pay for tube travel

If you're one of those fit people who wear a Fitbit device on your wrist, did you know it can also pay for your train travel?

US President’s helicopters flying over central London today (31st May)

Look to the skies, if you're in the right place, as eight helicopters are expected to fly in formation over central London at lunchtime.

London’s weekly railway news

A weekly round-up of London's rail transport news...

See the memorial bust to Sir Simon Milton

This is the Tiger of Sweden. Well, actually, the shop is called that, the man with the wing above is a former politician who used to live above the shop.

Money in board games — a British Museum exhibition

Monopoly is the famous money obsessed board game, but an exhibition now open looks at the much wider appearance of money in games, boards and otherwise.

The myth of the famous policeman’s cloak hook

A building near Leicester Square is famous for one small thing that is pointed out by every tour guide who passes it. Can you see it?

London Underground’s 30th tube map cover now available

Last week you might have noticed the pocket sized tube maps handed out in tube stations changed — with a new cover design. Art on the Underground’s 30th tube map cover commission is by former Turner prize winning French artist

The Typographic Dante at the Southbank

A selection of images is on display at the moment made with a variety of “obsolete” printing technologies and representing the various stages of Dante’s journey into hell. This is Barrie Tullett’s “The Typographic Dante,” an exhibition showcasing the artist’s

More video advertising screens on the London Underground

Look out for more bright video screens on the London Underground, this time above escalators.