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Barbican’s conservatory is now open on Saturdays

Wrapping around a tall tower in the Barbican is a large glass conservatory, which often surprises people to learn is, after Kew Gardens, the second largest in London.

Tickets Alert: Monty Python season coming to the BFI Southbank

Celebrate half a century of absurdity, songs, jokes and genius, from Britain’s best-loved comedic sextet.

See the astonishing gothic interior of David Parr house

An otherwise ordinary Victorian terrace house conceals within a Cathedral of decoration.

London’s Alleys: Cosmo Place, WC1

This is an alley of mixed appearances, with a claimed link to the madness of King George III.

For 3-days only – visit a Heinz Beanz museum pop-up

For just three days, a "museum" to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Heinz firm will be in London.

London’s weekly railway news

A weekly round-up of London's rail transport news...

Tickets Alert: The Dark Crystal exhibition

There's an exhibition for a couple of weeks at the BFI Southbank all about the new Dark Crystal prequel TV series.

A gothic house made from concrete

Opposite a gothic looking church is a gothic looking house -- made from concrete.

Help rechalk the Cern Abbas Giant

Once a decade, people are asked to help give the Cern Abbas Giant a bit of a clean and apply a fresh layer of chalk to it's giant... stature.

Things to do OUTSIDE London in September 2019

My regular look ahead to events happening next month that would probably be in my events guide, if only they weren’t happening outside the psychological barrier of the M25 motorway.

Visit Greenwich’s Painted Hall

Apart from the park, the observatory and the "replica" sailing ship, Greenwich is home to one of the grandest painted halls in the world.

Crossrail releases railway progress update

Crossrail has released what it says will be regular progress reports on how its getting towards a launch date for the Elizabeth line services.

Sheep and cattle grazing in Green Park this week

It's "Green Park Grazing Week" this week, which means sheep and cattle will be roaming around the Royal Park munching away to keep the grasses low.

Taking a look at HS2’s huge Old Oak Common station

Just outside Paddington is a vast building site - turning a run down industrial area and old railway depot into a major HS2 railway station.

Open House London bookings list

It’s that time of year again as a dark green booklet flops into homes across the Capital informing us which delights will be available during the annual Open House Weekend.