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Waterloo and Whitehall Pneumatic Railway

A bit of an update in my researches into this rather odd nuget of railway history. I am building up quite a good picture now of what happened and am picking up snippets of information from a wide range of

Bring back the Penny Black

As a web campaign has (alledgedly) encouraged Cadbury’s to relaunch the Wispa chocolate bar – I am starting a campaign for the Royal Mail to reissue the Penny Black postage stamp (although I guess the price might be a bit

Lightning over London

There was a fabulous thunderstorm over London this afternoon, and after seeing the first lightning strike, I decided to stand on the balcony (getting wet) for about 20 minutes with my camera on a tripod taking absolutly loads of photos

A wander around the London 2012 site

Spent a rather nice Sunday with a group of fellow Thingboxers getting a tour of the site for the London Olympics just a few weeks before most of it is sealed off for construction work. We were guided by the

Moved server

I have moved this website to a new server hardware – may be problems for a few days while I tidy up the migration. For some reason, copying the blog software from one machine to another didn’t work at all

The enviromental impact of instruction manuals

Not something I usually lose a lot of sleep over – but I just installed a new printer at home, and I was struck by the size of the instruction manuals (note the plural). The main manual is 24 pages

Poor quality sales message

I am currently ordering a new webserver for my commercial sites to cope with traffic growth. Just to be sure I understood things correctly – as I am not really a hardware sort of guy, I posted a message comparing

Free gym makeover?

My local newspaper is running a “competiton” for 4 guys to get 12 weeks free tutition at the local gym, along with nutrituion advice and general makeover stuff. You just need to write a weekly diary of your experiences. I

London art project

I was wandering around the South Bank yesterday waiting for friends as we had tickets to see a recording of Have I Got News for You – and saw a small plastic bag sellotaped to one of the lamp posts

UK news websites get more traffic from “foreigners”

A new comscore report has found that some of the UK’s largest news providers get more overseas visits than they do from within the UK. Considering that the UK population is a tiny fraction of the global market – that

Ding dong! Avon calling…

Just writing a little article about the cosmetics firm, Avon and doing a bit of research. According to Wikipedia: Avon is a “sin of lust or uncontrollable emotion” under Jewish Halakha law. …no wonder all those 1950’s housewives liked it

Find Madeline website is spamming Google

I doubt there is a person on the planet by now who hasn’t heard that “Little Madeline” is missing. Nonetherless, there is now a website set up to add to the media overload. I thought I would have a look

Will posterity read your emails?

I read this morning on the BBC News website that some 5,000 letters and notes written by Charles Darwin are to be published online. As I also have a hobby researching history, I spend a lot of time reading other

Iran tenders for two nuclear power plants

As you are presumably aware, there is a lot of political fuss over Iran’s nuclear ambitions – with Iran claiming it is purely a peaceful effort, and many other countries claiming that it has a military aspect. From what I

Trapped by the London Marathon

Today’s the day I am “jailed” inside my flat as the London Marathon snakes through Docklands. It’s only one day a year, but I do usually need to get out of the flat at least once a day, even if