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Iran tenders for two nuclear power plants

As you are presumably aware, there is a lot of political fuss over Iran’s nuclear ambitions – with Iran claiming it is purely a peaceful effort, and many other countries claiming that it has a military aspect. From what I

Trapped by the London Marathon

Today’s the day I am “jailed” inside my flat as the London Marathon snakes through Docklands. It’s only one day a year, but I do usually need to get out of the flat at least once a day, even if

Security Certificate failure at LloydsTSB online banking

Just tried logging onto the Lloydstsb online banking website to be presented with a security warning that a certificate cannot be trusted – and it came from a 3rd party website. I think I will stear clear of their website

The Independent Newspaper

The Independent newspaper had a very clever front page this morning following the release of the British Navy people in Iran yesterday. The “UK” version And if you turn it upside down… The “Iran” version Clever 😉

Matt Cutts – hacked?

One of the more high profile blogs around – written by Google staffer, Matt Cutts seems to have been hacked overnight. It could be an “April Fool” – but unfortunatly, it looks legit. Hopefully he will get it back online

Tower Bridge “Salutes” Slavery Ship

Today, London’s iconic Tower Bridge “saluted” the arrival of the replica slavery ship, The Zong which passed through for a visit to London for the next ten days. Typically, when a ship passes through Tower Bridge, the roadways are lifted

Amazon Launches “Contextual” Ad Platform

Just had an email from Amazon Associates – and they are launching a contextual ad program which could be rather interesting. The Amazon banner selection is usually quite good – but it always seems to lack a certain “something” –

Tall Sailing Ship in London!

This coming Thursday, a replica of 18th century Square Rigger, The Zong – an infamous slave ship will moor near Tower Bridge and remain there for 10 days. According to the MoD website, it will go through Tower Bridge at

Someone doesn’t like the Sugababes

Wikipedia can be prone to malicious editing. Fortunatly, the edits are usually discovered very quickly and fixed – so for your viewing pleasure, here is a screenshot. The Wikipedia entry can be seen here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sugababes

Clever Spam – or is it?

Had a really odd email this morning from a Chinese firm claiming that they have been approached by another person to register the chinese variants of my own domain names – and asking me to verify that I do not

Waterloo & Whitehall Pneumatic railway

I was at an auction house earlier today inspecting a lot which is going up for sale tomorrow. The lot is one of the unused share certificates for the Waterloo & Whitehall railway. Not possible to see if it was

Annual Returns

I know this is going to be “bread and butter” to accountants etc., but I just filed my first annual return, and I feel oddly chuffed about it. Did it myself and all online. Will get an email in a

Embarrassing Christmas Presents

Since I started having to go to hospital on a regular basis, it has given me pleasure to send the ward a small xmas hamper each year. Last December, I found a company which would send a more suitable selection


Resigned from my job last week to work full time for myself. Over the past few years, my working pattern has been something along the lines of: 6am – work from home for a while, then leave for office 8am

Walk across Ribblehead Viaduct

The Settle-Carlisle Railway has confirmed that they expect to be doing walking tours across the famous Ribblehead Viaduct on Sunday July 22nd while the railway is closed for repairs. An original idea to take a train trip on the Saturday