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Harry Potter and his adventures on the London Underground

A scene that was never shown in the first film, has Harry Potter and the giant Hagrid getting onto a Central line tube train.

Book review: No. 10: The Geography of Power at Downing Street

In a week that will be rich in political plotting, a timely book looks at how the physical design of 10 Downing Street can affect politics.

Tickets Alert: A guide to London Transport’s moquette patterns

The author of a new book about London Transport's famous moquette fabrics for its seats will be giving a talk in October about the same topic.

London’s Alleys: Newman’s Court, EC3

This narrow alley off Cornhill lined with a mix of old bricks opens to a court space, and was once home to the offices of Dicken's Ebenezer Scrooge

TfL warning of fewer trains on the Met line next week

London Underground has warned that there will be fewer trains on the Metropolitan line next week, while a new signalling system is introduced.

London’s weekly railway news

A weekly round-up of London's rail transport news...

Pop-up garden appears in London Bridge station tunnels

Plants left over from the recent RHS Hampton Court Garden Festival have been used to create a series of gardens in a tunnel under London Bridge station.

Tickets Alert: Vampyr in an old operating theatre

Climb the narrow stairs up a church to a hidden medical operating theatre from Victorian times, to watch a horror movie from the 1930s.

Admire the magnificent Dawson Heights

One of the architectural landmarks of South London is a wide ziggurat block of flats -- Dawson Heights.

Tickets Alert: Silent era railway films with live musical accompaniment

Fancy watching a load of old railway films, accompanies by the music of a classic Wurlitzer organ blasting out some live music?

Olympic Park’s Orbital legacy foundering

The twisted red mass of tubes next to the Olympic Stadium that was supposed to be a local landmark is proving to be more of a millstone for the Queen Elizabeth Park.

Pay a visit to Cambridge’s computer museum

Down a rather shabby road in a Cambridge industrial estate can be found a haven of retro computing delights - the Centre for Computing History.

Express train service linking London to Luton Airport

A new rail service is being planned offering faster connections between London and Luton Airport, and an alternative to the current Thameslink service.

Tickets Alert: Food festival inside the Tower of London moat

For a few days, there will be a food festival and it'll be inside the Tower of London's moat.

The year a London Underground train appeared in a ZX Spectrum

Back in the heady days of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, one game stood out -- because it featured a London Underground tube train.