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250th anniversary of the Massacre of St George’s Fields

Today marks the 250th anniversary of the government shooting dead rioters in Southwark.

Visit this retro-futurist computer art exhibition

Adoring crowds worshiping 1980s computer monitors as mothers to be stare at smartphone screens and dejected computerised youths slump in the street. This is an exhibition by the Belfast based street artist and printmaker, Leo Boyd.

Canary Wharf’s solar powered bus shelter

It looks like an ordinary, if rather nicer than average, bus shelter, but this is in fact the UK's first transparent glass solar powered bus shelter.

London railway upgrades – a progress report

One of the periodic reports from TfL has been released with details of ongoing network upgrades across the networks it controls over the past few months. If you’ve ever wondered what goes on when the lines are closed at weekends, this will inform you.

Professor Stephen Hawking’s memorial service open to the public

If you want to attend the memorial service being held in Westminster Abbey next month to celebrate the life of Professor Stephen Hawking, then a public ballot opens today.

London’s Pocket Parks: Bankside’s Metal Box Garden

What looks like an abandoned rubbish skip now overflowing with plants growing in the rubble is actually a specially planted metal box garden.

Large scale Twitter bot farm targeting Londoners

There appears to be a Twitter bot farm, with nearly 130,000 fake accounts that are targetting London accounts, including the Mayor of London, the Evening Standard and a number of listings websites and venues.

Tickets Alert: The Urban Tree Festival

Three days of trees in May. A festival to celebrate that great shade creator, pollution cleaner, pleasure giver, the urban tree.

A new exhibition about Heathrow Airport’s history opens

From early days with tents for terminal buildings, through to a glimpse at a possible future, a new display has opened, showing off a concise history of Heathrow Airport.

Tickets Alert: Rare railway tour planned

Next month will be a chance to ride trains along a rarely used bit of track, and raise money for a worthy charity at the same time.

More upgrade works for Victoria tube station

A modest, but potentially important upgrade to the entrance to Victoria tube station is being planned, to make it more obvious that it is in fact, an entrance.

Censored photos from the 1930s to go on display

It's 1930s America, the country is in recession, and photographers are sent out to record what is going on, only to have much of their work censored.

London’s Alleys: St Augustine’s Path

A narrow alley that provides a convenient link between two parallel roads, and which as far as I can tell, has never been used by St Augustine.

Consultation on redevelopment of Tesco Kennington

The sprawling Tesco superstore and car park in Kennington could be replaced with blocks of flats, if approval is given to redevelop the site.

Ticket Alert: The Chap Olympiad 2018

Gin, Umbrella Jousting, Gin, Three-Trousered Limbo, Gin, Moustache Wrestling, Gin, Quill Throwing, Gin and Bounders.

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