London’s weekly railway news

A weekly round-up of London’s rail transport news…

London Overground to run Boxing Day services for the first time

The London Overground is traditionally closed on Boxing Day, but this year, some of it will be running a service.

The Wallace Collection to be allowed to lend its artwork at last

For the first time in over a century, one of central London’s lesser known, but rather wonderful museums, the Wallace Collection is to be allowed to lend its collection of grand master paintings to other venues.

London’s mainline stations to get free Wi-Fi coverage

Network Rail has announced that a number of mainline stations are to be fitted with free Wi-Fi services from early next year.

Help colour in London’s buildings

A new app and website have been launched and is encouraging people to record details of all the buildings around them.

TfL’s unclickable Oysters

Like many people I get an email from TfL each month letting me know my Oyster card will expire soon and I need to go to their website to renew it. If only it was that simple.

Hampstead Observatory to reopen

Having been closed for several years for repairs, the telescopes at Hampstead Observatory will once again be open for people to peer at the stars.

More evidence that HS2 is more about capacity than speed

A submission into the HS2 review has found that over 50 stations that are not part of the HS2 network will be able to offer more train services once HS2 is built.

Go inside the military tunnel under Dover’s forts

High above the port of Dover a short road runs into a dead end, but once a year a door opens to reveal a huge tunnel complex under the hills.

TfL supports Paddle boarding

A small business that rents space from Transport for London in one of their arches has won a small business award.

The lost dress of Elizabeth I – Revealed

Imagine if someone from London arrived at your most rural of rural churches and told you that bit of old fabric on the wall is worth a king’s ransom?

Tickets Alert: Behind the scenes at Tower Bridge

This winter there’s a chance to go deep inside Tower Bridge to see the mechanisms that make it work and the huge bascule chambers that sits below river level.

Freemen take sheep across London Bridge

A slightly damp Sunday saw some 600 Freemen (and ladies) exercise their ancient right to take sheep across London Bridge.

A shopping centre under Cavendish Square?

A public park just behind Oxford Street’s John Lewis store could be turned into an underground shopping centre.

Tickets Alert: Tours of the Boar’s Head Playhouse archaeological excavation

The remains of a Shakespearean-era playhouse in Whitechapel, the Boar’s Head is starting to be uncovered, and this weekend is a chance to have a look.

Train speed record set between London and Bristol

A new modern speed record has been set for a train running between Bristol Temple Meads and London Paddington of just 1 hour and 12 minutes.

London’s Alleys: Exchange Court, WC2

This is of the many little alleys that lead off from Strand as a legacy of the times the area was first developed.

Hackney Central Overground station could get a second entrance

A second entrance for Hackney Central station to deal with overcrowding is being explored as part of a joint project between the council and Transport for London.