Tickets Alert: Train trip into the Jubilee line’s overrun tunnels

There’s a chance next month to visit a part of the Jubilee line rarely seen – the overrun tunnels that run beyond Charing Cross station towards Aldwych.

Bakerloo line extension seeks to go beyond Lewisham

A new consultation on the long planned Bakerloo line extension has opened today, and is seeking views on the tunnel route, the location of worksites and potentially extending the line beyond Lewisham.

London’s Alleys: Keppel Row, SE1

Keppel Row is a formerly dingy alley in Southwark that’s been recently refurbished.

A stained glass phone box has appeared on Embankment

On the Embankment near Blackfriars is a normal looking phone box with a most delightful stained glass addition.

London’s weekly railway news

A weekly round-up of London’s rail transport news…

Have you ever spotted a saint’s washing line?

A block of 1930s council flats on the Isle of Dogs have a couple of tall posts with a decorative finial — but what are they?

Discover a disused London Underground station in Covent Garden

As you step through the familiar terracotta frontage of an old tube station it’s difficult to believe you’re two floors above ground, and not deep under it.

Climb down Dover’s “Grand Shaft”

Built just over 200 years ago, Dover boasts a 140 feet deep shaft lined with a unique triple staircase, built for the military, and occasionally open to the public.

Old trains and a countryside ramble

A new ticket deal from the Epping Ongar Railway makes it cheaper to take a heritage train trip on the edges of London.

Samuel Pepys dinner plate goes on display

This is more significant than it sounds, as it’s one of only three items of silver plate known to have belonged to Pepys as part of his personal collection and is now the only one on display in the UK.

Day trips from London – Dover Castle, the largest castle in England

Looming high over Dover town centre is the mighty fortress that remarkably includes almost every era in English history from Roman to WW2.

Eternal graffiti: A poetry exhibition at the Maughan

If you love poetry, there’s an exhibition to visit. If you don’t love poetry but do love old buildings, there’s an exhibition to visit.

Mapped – the dragons that surround London

The ancient City of London is protected by dragons that guard the main roads into the city from perfidious invaders.

Beatles themed manhole cover for Abbey Road

To mark the 50th anniversary of that famous record cover, a manhole cover next to the zebra crossing has been revamped with an image of the event.

Tickets Alert: David Parr House open days for 2020

Tickets to see inside a remarkable home that had been richly decorated in the gothic revival style, and little changed ever since have been released.

London’s Alleys: Hand Court, WC1

This is a modern looking alley that runs off Holborn, but like many of the area can date its origins to medieval London.

London’s bonfire night firework displays 2019

It’s time to start plotting how we shall remember the downfall of a papist plot, and watch the skies over London explode with fireworks.

30th anniversary of the 10 Downing Street gates

It’s exactly 30 years ago that general public access to Downing Street was barred, as permission was given to build the ornate protective gates that now guard the home of the Prime Minister.