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The world’s largest TBM

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, more famous in the UK for owning a football club than being a Russian businessman who did rather well out of some dodgy privatisations has reportedly ordered the world’s largest Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM). At 19

Campaign to put Parliamentary Bills online

If you have an account with the Digg website – this would appreciate a bit of tender loving care: http://digg.com/politics/UK_Parliament_disinclined_to_publish_bills_on_the_internet It’s an attempt to convince the British Parliament to spend a tiny amount of money making parliamentary bills available in

My caffine level for today

Found via the Psychodramatic blog – a scientific *cough* test determines your level of caffeine intake by measuring how fast you can click your mouse. Reminded me of a modern version of the 1980s Daley Thompson Decathlon computer game where

A tour of Underground Greenwich

Thanks to a tip-off from The Greenwich Phantom, I spent a couple of hours on a pleasant wander round Greenwich learning a bit about the underground history of the area. It was a bitterly cold day and I almost didn’t

Greenland and Global Warming

There have been a fair number of reports of increased rates of ice melting on the Greenland ice cap – and regardless of why you think temperatures are rising (man made or solar), this sounds like a serious issue. After

This webpage has been optimised for…

I can tollerate the occasional message about websites being optimised for specific web browsers/screen resolutions, especially if they haven’t been updated for the past five years – and so long as they don’t block access from “incorrect” web browsers. But

London Open City – An Exhibition

There is a moderately interesting exhibition on improving open spaces in London – currently being shown in Somerset House. It is full of lots of BIG signs and fluffy filler which doesn’t actually tell you anything – and a rather

The Post Office Robot Railway

I have this rather old news footage of the infamous Post Office railway which ran under central London until it was shut down in 2003. I was inspired to dig it out as there is a short feature on the

Carbon buckyballs – and Superconductivity

I was reading (and writing about) about a new development in high temperature super conductors where hydrogen compounds known as molecular hydrides if put under very high pressure can exhibit super conducting capabilities. As I noted in my write up,

Banking Crisis

Transport for London has just announced that changing between lines at Bank station will not be possible from the end of this month until the middle of next year. The only exemption is between the DLR and the Northern Line

MI5 wants access to your Oyster Card records

Records of journeys made by people using smart cards that allow 17 million Britons to travel by underground, bus and train with a single swipe at the ticket barrier are among a welter of private information held by the state

Flickr and Orwell’s 1984

Chatting on another website about the clunky brand name given to the “International Day Against Homophobia”, which does not trip off the tongue that easily – and its hideous abbreviation, IDAHO. Anyhow, I was reminded of the George Orwell novel

Postage stamps

I have just spent much of this afternoon writing out letters to verious organisations re the heritage railway I am researching – and filling in lots of overdue subscription renewals for various organisations I am a member of. They now

Bank card fraud

Came home from shopping this lunchtime to a voicemail from the bank urging me to phone them asap – which caused a bit sick feeling in the stomach. It seems someone has managed to clone my debit card and is

The Ale Connor

In ye olde days, there were a bunch of men – the early council trading standards if you like – who would test the ale brewed by local alehouses to ensure that they didn’t contain too much sugar. Sugar was

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