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A few Crossrail photos

Taken a couple of weeks ago -- and only uploaded now. Nothing special, just a few photos taken the other day when out rambling.

Donkeys inside St Paul’s Cathedral

A pace of 25 donkeys (yes, that is the collective noun) has arrived in St Paul's Cathedral and will be there for a few weeks.

London’s weekly railway news #12

A weekly round-up of London's rail transport news...

Film Shots of Derelict Docklands in the 1980s

In the mid 1980s, a film director decided to make an East-End gangster movie, and set it in the then developing docklands area. It's also dire -- and yet, worth watching as it has finally been released on DVD more than 20 years after its fairly badly receive début on Channel 4.

Wrapping paper for science geeks

I don't buy presents very often, but am the sort of person who tends to give almost as much effort into getting the most appropriate wrapping paper and gift card as I do to the present itself.

The day a huge power cut left thousands trapped on tube trains

It's the ebb of the evening rush hour when engineers carrying out planned work on the National Grid's electricity network report a problem with one of the transformers at the substation. Within minutes most of South London is plunged into darkness, mainline train stations close, and over half the London Underground shuts down.

Free tours of London Building Sites

The construction industry is rather keen to encourage people to look at them as a potential career choice, and are going to let people get past the protective hoardings and have a look at some building sites next month.

Things to do outside London during September

My regular look ahead to events happening next month that would probably be in my events guide, if only they weren’t happening outside the psychological barrier of the M25 motorway.

The passing of an Internet era

So farewell to the era when your connection to the internet was heralded by a cacophony of squawks and whistles as two computers shouted at each other down a phone line.

Vintage Tube Train Trip Along the Piccadilly Line

The Transport Museum is running another of their occasional vintage tube train trips next month, and managed to secure access down to Heathrow Airport again.