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Date for this year’s Imberbus Event announced

As you may recall, last year I spent a delightful day riding in a collection of London heritage buses to visit an abandoned village in the middle of the Salisbury military training grounds.

More science places having open days

After mentioning the Fusion reactor visit the other day, two more science venues are also updating their open day events.

Tube Strike Tube Map

Based on TfL's info here what I estimate the tube map will look like on strike days.

Dates announced for tours of a Nuclear Fusion Reactor

Did you know that the world’s largest nuclear fusion reactor is not far from London – just outside Oxford in fact.

How a tube station gets its fresh air though an old toilet

If you've ever noticed an odd smell in the DLR at Bank station would it perhaps surprise you to learn that the deep tunnels are ventilated through an old toilet?

Chance to help clean a rusting WW2 German bomber

Anyone with an interest in military history, or probably history in general will be aware that last year the RAF Museum recovered the only known intact Dornier Do 17 bomber that had managed to crash land upside down just off the coast of Kent.

Silvertown’s derelict Tate Institute

Down in Silvertown opposite the mighty Tate & Lyle sugar factories sits a rather forlorn looking building. Run down and neglected, it has the appearance of a large pub, or maybe an old music hall.

Sapphire and Steel have been assigned

I was reminded of a rather excellent TV series earlier today when writing a bit of a silly headline at the day job and thought it's about time I wrote about the series that inspired the headline.

London’s weekly railway news #34

A weekly round-up of London's rail transport news...

22 photos of the new Thameslink Train

This is what Thameslink passengers will be riding in from sometime in 2016 as the first of the new trains arrive.