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A modernist marvel – the staircase of Bevin Court

Hidden around a corner on a side street not far from Kings Cross can be found one of Britain's great post-war modernist buildings -- and an amazing staircase.

London’s weekly railway news #218

A weekly round-up of London's rail transport news...

Fly through the Crossrail tunnels tonight

To mark the completion of laying railway tracks right through the entire Crossrail tunnels, a lovely video fly through has been released.

Tickets Alert: Boring Talks – An evening of pointless mundanities

The world is full of events and conferences that promise to change your life. Boring Talks won't. It's an evening celebrating the mundane, the ordinary, the obvious and the overlooked.

The V&A looks at Plywood and likes it

The ancient Egyptians invented it, the Victorians industrialised it, the Edwardians loved it, and most of us who sat on plywood chairs at school hated it.

My scariest ever church tower climb

There's a very significant church in docklands that allowed people to climb up to see the clock mechanism at the weekend. The scariest church tower climb I have ever done.

See a scale model of the Royal Albert Hall

There's a small, but interesting display at the moment showing some of the late changes that were made to the Royal Albert Hall during its construction.

Endangered crafts in the UK – cricket balls and riddles

A report into the UK craft industry has published a list of hand-crafts that are in danger of disappearing, and surprisingly, cricket ball making is now deemed to be extinct in the UK.

London’s Alley’s – Cotton’s Gardens, E2

This probably shouldn't be in the list, as it's a bit too wide for an alley, but it has a former alley at the end, and a very nice bit of heritage in the road.

A curious door that goes nowhere

Wandering around as I am wont to do, I stumbled upon an old door in a wall.

See one of the City of London’s oldest democratic documents

Underneath the Guildhall in a corner that's easy to overlook is a small heritage gallery with a regularly changing display. Three glass cases, and currently three different displays.

Balloon Regatta lifts off from London City Airport

At 7am this morning, twenty-seven hot air balloons lifted off from London City Airport as part of the 2017 RICOH Lord Mayor's Hot Air Balloon Regatta.

Tracking smartphone Wi-Fi signals reveals curious journeys on the London Underground

A trial by TfL to track the movements of people by logging Wi-Fi identities has revealed some very curious journey patterns on the tube network.

Hot air balloons to fly over East London on Sunday

There may, weather permitting, be a chance to see up to 35 hot air balloons drifting gracefully across the London skyline on Sunday morning.

London’s weekly railway news #217

A weekly round-up of London's rail transport news...

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