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London’s Alleys: York Place (formerly Of Alley), WC2

Welcome to York Place, for that's its modern name, yet it used to be curiously called Of Alley, and why is was so called is just as curious as the name itself.

The Science Museum has a room full of old washing machines and televisions

In the basement of the Science Museum is a gallery that's all too easy to miss, and yet is full of domestic wonders.

Tickets Alert: Tours of Lambeth Palace Library

This is a rare opportunity to see behind the scenes at Lambeth Palace Library, along with the Great Hall, and parts of the Palace building itself.

Unbuilt London: The “railway arcade” above the streets

Imagine if you will of streets lined with decorative arcades that protected Victorians from the weather and above their heads, a marvel of the age - a silent railway without steam.

Queen Caroline’s Bath in Greenwich

Rather too well hidden behind a dense hedge can be found the remains of a Georgian bath that was used by the estranged wife of King George IV, Queen Caroline.

Just 14 days until ImberBus

Once a year, a fleet of old London buses are allowed into military lands to take trips to an empty village where no one lives. It is of course, therefore hugely popular.

Tickets Alert: Be transported back to the 1980s at the Transport Museum

The 1980s, an era of big hair, big shoulder pads and big mobile phones, but also a transport network at its lowest point in decades, with smoking still allowed, rubbish strewn platforms, and broken chocolate bar vending machines.

London’s weekly railway news

A weekly round-up of London's rail transport news...

Open-air display of Victorian photos from 1840s London

London's newest pocket park has a display of some of it's oldest photos at the moment.

Tickets Alert: Rare open day at a Pathology Museum

It doesn't happen very often, and usually just for special events, but the Victorian Pathology Museum at St Barts Hospital is having an open day.

London’s Public Art: Mary Seacole Statue, SE1

What is believed to be the first statue in the UK to a named black woman stands in the grounds of St Thomas' Hospital overlooking the Houses of Parliament.

Ranger’s House – the art collection you’ve probably never seen

At the top end of Greenwich Park, away from the tourists is a grand house, called a lodge, and inside is one of the UK's finest collections of art. And until last week, not the easiest or most obvious one to see.

Enter a ballot to march past the Cenotaph on Armistice Day

On 11 November 2018, following the traditional service of remembrance at the Cenotaph, members of the public will also have a unique opportunity to take part in a procession past the Cenotaph,

Railway lines closed in London over the Bank Holiday Weekend

If you're planning a weekend break over the August Bank Holiday, some options may be out of reach thanks to railway closures.

London’s Alleys: Blue Anchor Alley, TW9

One of the ancient paths that used to slip between fields when all around Richmond was fields and Palaces.

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