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London’s Alleys: Star Alley, EC3

An ancient alley, on a modern alignment that will soon shift sideways, this is the astronomically named Star Alley.

Crossrail’s history of London – made from paper

Short and simple, this is a delightful way to show off the history of London, using paper origami.

Sarastro’s floral facade

A restaurant in central London almost as famous for its toilets as it is for its lavish interior -- but also has this overflowing greenery outside.

London’s weekly railway news

A weekly round-up of London's rail transport news...

One Kemble Street – the “CAA Building”

If the Centrepoint tower had curves, then One Kemble Street is what it would look like -- a pillar of repeating concrete shapes slightly hidden from casual view.

London’s Pocket Parks: Drury Lane Gardens, WC2

Like many pocket parks, this is the result of too many people dying too often -- it's a disused graveyard.

Rare clocks going on display next month

Two private clock collectors have collaborated to stage an exhibition of early English clocks at Bonhams next month.

Exhibition: At Last! Votes for Women

In this 100th anniversary of the right to vote for women in elections, there's a number of exhibitions, and a small one can be found in the LSE Library just off Holborn.

The buses that run through a military firing range to Imber

Just outside the Salisbury Plains a TfL bus sign shows a curious route, the 23A, that runs once a year, and is the only bus route allowed through the military firing ranges.

London’s Alleys: Hayward’s Place, EC1

This is a former road now split into a road and a pedestrianised footpath, linked by a covered walkway to St John's Street, and the site of the former Red Bull Theatre.