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London steam railway set for major extension

A steam railway in South-West London has been given permission for a major extension of the railway line.

270 years ago today – the forgotten fire of London

It's 1am on 25th March 1748 and a small fire has started in a wig maker in the City of London. By lunchtime nearly 100 homes and two entire blocks in the heart of the city would lay in ruins.

Public open day at Crossrail’s Custom House station

Sitting next to the DLR and the huge Excel exhibition centre, when it opens, Custom House will be the only above ground station in Crossrail's central section.

Admire the arts & crafts workshops behind Liverpool Street station

On a street surrounded by modern glass and steel office blocks, can be found this slightly ramshackle but quite delightful row of workshops and flats.

Science as art at the Wellcome Collection

Is it science, art, or maybe both. An art exhibition seeks to explore the connection that sees science turned into art, with rather variable end results.

London’s weekly railway news #245

A weekly round-up of London's rail transport news...

London Public Art: Evidence of the Unseen Mountain

This is a piece of art hidden away on a quiet residential street in Chelsea that you are not going to stumble upon, unless your the sort of person who goes wandering around quiet residential streets looking for things to stumble upon.

16 new photos show off Crossrail stations and tunnels

New images released by Crossrail have shown off construction progress across the route converting the construction sites into the Elizabeth line.

Join a mass participation artwork to mark 100 years of woman’s suffrage

Later this year, there will be a mass participation art event taking place later this year, and the organisers are calling for participants.

London’s Pocket Parks: Mount Nod – the Huguenot burial ground

This is a a pocket park that you can't visit - yet. You will be able to soon though as it's about to be restored and opened to the public.

Wimbledon’s tennis museum to be redeveloped

Planning permission has been given for the tennis museum at the Wimbledon tennis club to be revamped.

Exhibition celebrates the discovery of blood circulation

Just under 400 years ago, a British physician was to overturn 1,500 years of thinking about how the human body worked, with considerable opposition from the venue now hosting an exhibition about him. William Harvey was a very well connected

Museum Meals: The Charterhouse

Sitting outside, but next to the museum, the newish museum inside the ancient Charterhouse on the edge of the city has turned a Georgian home into its new cafe.

London’s Museum of Funeral History

A funeral home in Farringdon has recently opened a most unusual museum, of the history of funerals. Not just British, but how humanity entire seeks to commemorate the death of loved ones and noble ones.

Help re-chalk the Uffington White Horse

Fancy taking a hammer and smashing a prehistoric monument — and doing so with permission?

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