A portfolio of photos taken during 2012

A portfolio of photos taken during 2012

This is a selection of the photos taken showing a range from stock photos, to events, to portraits. Some are taken when I am out and about, some based on visits to public events – and others as an official photographer by invite from the venue.

HMS Liverpool attends the Ceremony of the Constables Dues at the Tower of London

HMS Liverpool allowed into the Tower Grounds

The new King’s Cross station extension a week before it opened to the public

Inside the western concourse

The bottom of the Crossrail station at Canary Wharf

Where the first TBM will arrive in a few months time

Photo taken during a press preview of a Natural History Museum exhibition

Display of animals rearing up

A Victorian tunnel in Docklands being restored by Crossrail

Inside the Connaught Tunnel

Repair works to the Hammersmith Flyover

The new tension wire blocks

Presentation of a Diamond Jubilee jewel at the Tower of London

The Crystal Diamond

Territorial Army open evening in the City of London

WW2 gun firing at a German armoured vehicle at the HAC open evening

An early morning rehearsal for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee procession

Being watched

Olympic Rings being lifted up to Tower Bridge early on a Sunday morning

Rising rings

Prince William and Prince Charles at the Garter Ceremony in Windsor Castle

Prince William and Charles

Fireworks by the Millbank Tower with Parliament in the foreground

Fireworks by Westminster

The Shard skyscraper in London

The Shard and The Sun

Tower Bridge rehearsal for Olympics opening night ceremony

Spotlights on Tower Bridge for Olympics rehearsals

The M4 motorway during its closure for emergency road works

M4 Motorway

Southwark Cathedral

The main nave

Crossrail construction site in East London

Crossrail Limmo Peninsula

These are a sample of my photos, others can be found on my Flickr page.