To mark the 50th anniversary of that famous record cover, a manhole cover next to the zebra crossing has been revamped with an image of the event. The one-off design was created by manhole cover maker, Wrekin Products and installed by Thames Water.

(c) Wrekin Products

Although with motorists already seeing red with the numbers of people who stop in the middle of the road for “that” pose, putting the manhole cover also in the middle of the road might not help.

There’s a webcam that shows the zebra crossing – and you might just about be able to see the manhole cover on the far side of the crossing.

Last year, Thames Water unveiled a commemorative manhole cover in Whitechapel Road to mark the ‘monster fatberg’, and there used to be a manhole cover by Antony Gormley in South London, until it was stolen.

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2 comments on “Beatles themed manhole cover for Abbey Road
  1. Melvyn says:

    I wonder if you lift the manhole cover whether you will find A Yellow Submarine below….

  2. Dave says:

    Ah, that fatal word – Stolen. Webcam covered or not, someone’s bound to have a go at it!

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