A small business that rents space from Transport for London in one of their arches has won a small business award.

The paddle boarding firm, Active360 teaches people to use the paddle boards and runs sessions to clean up litter in the Thames and is a cofounder of ‘In the Drink’, which helps bars, events and boat operators located along London waterways to move towards alternatives to single-use plastic.

They are based in a number of locations, including under some road arches in Kew which are owned by TfL.

I wont make an obvious joke about dropping your oyster card and fishing out a fresh one from the river.

Graeme Craig, Director of Commercial Development at Transport for London, said: “Our estate offers businesses of all sizes the opportunity to thrive and Active360 is a brilliant example of a business that has used our arches to build up their organisation and offer Londoners the chance to try something different and get active, while also leading on initiatives to improve the environment,”

In related news, one of the arches is being leased to Hounslow Council who plan to open it up as an underpass so that people walking along the riverside can have a step free walkway without going around the road bridge.

At the moment, there’s a narrow path under the bridge, but accessible only via steps, or via a lengthy diversion

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