The already crowded DLR platforms at Bank tube station are set to get even more overcrowded from next week.

From Monday 30th September, a section of the concourse between the two DLR platforms will close for work to install three new escalators as part of the ongoing Bank station upgrade project.

The DLR concourse will become a one-way corridor to make way for the three new escalators to the Northern line,, roughly where the lady is standing the in photo below, and those will help to improve journeys through the station by boosting capacity.

From next week, customers arriving on the Northern line will be able to reach the DLR by the existing fixed staircase. DLR customers wishing to change to the Northern line will be redirected by new signs. DLR customers will be able to enter and exit Bank and Monument stations as usual, although if the station becomes overcrowded staff may occasionally guide them through a different route.

The long term aim of the works will be to slide the three new escalators into the middle of the corridor, cutting it in half, but increasing escalator capacity from four to seven – and putting in a much faster exit from the DLR up to the street.

Those changes are why the DLR corridor is a building site at the moment, as they dig out new side passages to the platforms before sealing off the centre of the main corridor as they work to install the new escalators.

But in the meantime, it’s going to get even more crowded at Bank station. For some, going to Tower Gateway on the DLR and using the Underground at Tower Hill to complete the journey may be a viable alternative. If you need the Northern line though, then it may still make sense to swap onto the Underground at Tower Hill, and go one stop to Monument and switch to the Northern line from there.


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