Suggestions for things to do outside London in October 2019.

My regular look ahead to events happening next month that would probably be in my events guide, if only they weren’t happening outside the psychological barrier of the M25 motorway.

Penryn Mock Mayor1st Oct
The election of a Mock Mayor, or “sham” leader chosen to satirise the powerful and society.Penryn, Cornwall

Old Mans Day2nd Oct
In memory of the near-accidental burial of a not-dead man, the local school children sweep a local lane and a service is held in the local church funded by his bequest.Braughing,

Nottingham Goose Fair2nd-6th Oct
Goose Fair is one of Europe’s largest travelling fairs with a history that dates back more than 700 years.Nottingham,

Vintage Festival of Light4th-6th Oct
Vintage tractor rally and country fete – described as "Blackpool in Miniature".Ashover,

Autumn Show & Game Fair5th-6th Oct
Traditional country fair with country sports, arena events and food stalls.Ardingly,
West Sussex

Marlborough Mop Fair5th & 12th Oct
The mop fair started as a place to find employment but if you changed your mind you could go back the week after to find something else. Afternoon/evening Fun Fair.Marlborough,

Henley Ploughing Match6th Oct
Ploughing Match – horses and tractors. Lurcher Show, Farmers Market and local trade stands.Henley-on-Thames,

Corby Glen Sheep Fair and Village Festival6th Oct
The annual Corby Glen Sheep Fair and Village Festival includes Clay Pigeon Shoot, Dog Show, Fun Run, Craft Activities, Open Sports Event, Tug of War competitionCorby Glen,

Twyford Lost in the Dark Bells7th Oct
The church bells rang to alert  local resident William Davis that he had lost his way and saved him from death, he bequeathed in his will a fund to celebrate the day. The church bells ring and the locals now have a feast every year on 7th October.Twyford,

Tavistock Goose Fair9th Oct
Market traders come from all over the country to sell their wares and provide entertainment. Stalls and side shows are set up in the centre of the Town, and some 270 stalls are provided for traders.Tavistock,

Falmouth Oyster Festival9th-13th Oct
Falmouth Oyster Festival celebrates the start of the oyster dredging season, the diversity and quality of Cornish Seafood and in particular, one of the last remaining traditional oyster fisheries, dredging by sail and hand punt.Falmouth,

Pack Monday Fair10th – 14th Oct
A midnight procession marching through the streets making noise to scare away the devils starts four days of festivals.Sherborne,

Railway in Wartime11th-13th Oct
Turn the clocks back to 1943 for their most popular event of the year, with ENSA entertainers, street parades, vehicle displays and re-enactments along the railway.Pickering,
North Yorkshire

World Porridge Making Championship12th Oct
Famous annual competition to make the best porridge – with the golden spurtle trophy.Carrbridge,

Thundercat Racing12th Oct
A round for the speed boat championships – can be watched from the sea shore.Boscombe Pier,

Autumn Pumpkin Festival12th Oct
A charity festival to celebrate the very best of Autumnal treasures with the spotlight on Pumpkins and Scarecrows at Royal Victoria Country Park.Southampton,

The Big Apple12th-13th Oct
A festival of apples taking place in the various villages in the area. The local orchards are famous for their cider fruit and their excellent eating apples.Much Marcle,

Banbury Folk & Hobby Horse Festival12th-14th Oct
Ancient tradition recently restored with gaily decorated hobby horses, Morris dancers and parades.Banbury,

World Conker Championships13th Oct
Thousands flock to the venue near the ancient market town of Oundle to watch this great spectacle as modern day gladiators fight for glory armed only with a nut and 12" of string.Southwick,

Quince & Apple Day13th Oct
Discover and taste a huge variety of mysterious produce, including quince and medlar as well as pears and twelve different varieties of English apple.Runcorn,

Wheels by Lamplight19th Oct
An unusual and atmospheric event where a transport  museum is illuminated by hundreds of old oil and paraffin lamps.Ipswich,

Hastings Borough Bonfire Night19th Oct
Celebrating the town’s role in thwarting the Gunpowder Plot – a parade with flaming torches through the town to light a giant bonfire – then fireworks.Hastings

National Tiddlywinks Championships19th-20th Oct
Pretty much as described, lots of people playing the famous game for the UK championships.Cambridge

Bristol Pipe Walk20th Oct
Every year the Priest, Churchwardens and people of St Mary Redcliffe walk the route of an ancient conduit given to the parish by Lord Robert de Berkeley in 1190 and give thanks for the gift of fresh water.Bristol

Samhuinn Fire Festival31st Oct
Samhuinn Fire Festival marks the transition from Winter to Summer with our characteristic mix of fireplay, drumming, and immersive performance.Edinburgh

Punkie Night31st Oct
Punkie Night is an English custom practiced on the last Thursday of October, in Somerset in England. Children will march around with a jack o’lantern, singing a song.Various,

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