A dramatic and controversial plan for a steeped roof for the new Old Street tube station has been scrapped following feedback from Islington Council.

Although it looked visually impressive, and even though the seats faced a busy road, the proposed entrance was also considered to be likely to encourage anti-social behaviour in the evenings. A new plan will go before Islington Council next Monday for consideration and will be a conventional glass-walled box, but with a sloping green roof on top.

The other change which is more subtle in that the sloped roof now faces the other direction, and in line with an avenue of trees that will run towards the passenger entrance gates.

Seen from the other side of the avenue of trees, as people walk towards the tube station, rather than a large glass box, there will be a wall of greenery, which should look a lot better.

The revised plans are said to be at a point where TfL and Islington Council are broadly in agreement with the design proposals.

The new entrance is required as part of wider plans to part pedestrianise some of the Old Street Roundabout and make it a more pleasant place to use.

Images from the planning application

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2 comments on “London Underground plans green roof for Old Street tube station
  1. CityLover says:

    Preferred the original scheme. We can’t we do anything now that won’t discourage antisocial behaviour…

  2. The Haughty Culturalist says:

    Wait, they are spending how much on all this and *still* keeping those hideous pipe-arch things!?

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