A scene that was never shown in the first film, has Harry Potter and the giant Hagrid getting onto a Central line tube train.

A surprisingly empty tube train, as there’s no way that Hagrid would have fitted onto one during the rush hour, which is hard enough for us mere muggles.

The scene is from the first of the movies, Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone.

In order to get to Diagon Alley, they take the tube, and Hagrid momentarily gets stuck in the ticket barriers, and probably like most commuters complains that the seats are too small.

Harry and Hagrid are chatting about dragons, and Harry’s new found knowledge of the magical world is unsurprisingly very surprised to learn that dragons exist.

Hagid looks over the sole other passenger on the train and she just buries herself in her newspaper — proving that’s she is definitely a regular commuter.

The whole scene was cut though.

Considering how much planning goes into making a movie, and the costs involved, it seems odd that so much of what’s filmed is destined for the DVD extras section, but that’s the movie-making process for you.

It’s not the only reference to the London Underground in the Harry Potter universe.

Albus Dumbledore once told Minerva McGonagall that he had a scar above his left knee in the shape of a map of the London Underground. They also make a return to the tube when Harry and Arthur Weasley use Westminster tube station to get into the Ministry of Magic.

In a short-lived newsletter for the early Harry Potter fan club, copies of the magician’s newspaper were included, including one story that a Ministry of Magic employee was suspended following the disappearance of a tube train – which the employee did for a bet.

No mention of whether the train was recovered, but it would certainly explain the long gap between trains sometimes — blame teenage wizards mucking about.

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