Wrapping around a tall tower in the Barbican is a large glass conservatory, which often surprises people to learn is, after Kew Gardens, the second largest in London.

The conservatory wraps around the huge flytower that supports scenery for the theatre beneath your feet, and while the concrete of the Barbican is still very evident, it adds to the overall effect.

Imagine a city centre abandoned by humans and overrun by plants, and that’s what you are walking through when you visit. A dystopian film maker’s paradise.

Traditionally open most Sundays and occasional bank holidays, it’s now going to be open on selected Saturdays as well.

More than that though – while the Sunday openings are during the daytime, and you can have a cup of tea, the Saturdays will include the evenings, with a glass of wine, making the most interesting of “wine bars” you will visit in a long time.

Entry to the Conservatory in 12-5pm on Sundays and 12-10pm on selected Saturdays. The next Saturday openings are Sat 31st Aug and Sat 7th Sept. The Saturday openings for October and beyond will be announced next month.

Entry to the Conservatory is free. Tea and wine, unsurprisingly cost extra.

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