Although the opening of the line has been delayed to whenever, and the costs are uncertain, works are still going on inside the Crossrail stations.

A series of new photos released by Crossrail show off the current state of the stations still waiting for their first paying passengers.

Woolwich Station

Whitechapel Station

Tottenham Court Road Station

Paddington Station

Liverpool Street Station

Bond Street Station

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10 comments on “New photos show the current state of Crossrail stations
  1. Dan Coleman says:

    They’ve got quite a lot of work to do, particularly at Whitechapel. I notice that they’ve deliberately omitted Bond Street here, which was reported as being miles away from completion. It does amaze me that some senior people within Crossrail genuinely believed this project would’ve been ready in December 2018. Not even close.

    I’m very much looking forward to the line opening!

  2. Mike Fax says:

    Why o why did’nt they call in a Japenese company? It would have been built in a very short time and probably to a higher standard!

    • tim says:

      I don’t quite follow what you’re suggesting should have happened. I’d like to know more. What other examples of Japanese companies building infrastructure in the UK can you name?

    • Giveadogabone says:

      The Tokyo ring road extension (the gaikan) was two years overdue when it opened this year. The Ho Chi Minh city underground (built by Japanese firms) is 4 years behind schedule and still not ready.

      Japanese construction quality is second to none, but they don’t always deliver on time.

  3. Mr Ronald Day says:

    Worked at whitechapel as storeman and thought it would have been near completed by now and i have been away from there 3 years

  4. ChrisMitch says:

    How on earth did anyone think these stations would have all been completed by last December? Has anyone been held accountable? It seems a lot of people were telling fibs.

  5. Andy says:

    It proves the incompetence of the management running it up until last year.
    For anyone wanting to see the true scale of the balls up (Boris Johnson not involved), go looking for; “crossrail- what went wrong” it was channel 5 in the UK and available through my5

  6. Chris Rogers says:

    The Channel 5 programme at the weekend nailed it pretty hard – lots of re-work for no real reason, say workers; optimistic deadlines no-one wanted to question; misplaced groupthink/self-belief. It really ia s candal, especially the truly staggering costs for individual stations, all of which will need cleaning, testing and so on for months even in unused.

  7. hans says:

    They’re really gorgeous looking stations.
    It seems that Woolwhich has a train on the platform, exciting!

    Excited to try out the line next year.

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