It arrived in the 1940s, and has been in Cornwall ever since, but a former London Underground railway carriage is up for sale. The twist, it’s not likely to move very far any time soon, as it’s lost its wheels. And a lot more besides.

In fact, it’s now a “caravan home”, with the main carriage providing two bedrooms and the lounge, with a side building as the kitchen and bathroom.

It’s described by the estate agent as “in need of modernisation and improvement”, and it certainly has a rather unique interior decoration that seems to have been applied in the 1960s and never changed. The owners did a lot of work on the carriage to turn it into a home, but with the curved ribbed ceiling still in place, it’s still got that tube carriage feel to it.

This relic of the London Underground is not close to London, but in a village called Bowling Green in Cornwall, just outside Bugle, and its bright green veranda certainly stands out against the rest of the village.

It’s not far from the Eden Project, if you fancy buying it for a weekend retreat.

It’s described as having “no chain”, which probably made a few railway geeks groan.

All photos by the selling estate agent Millerson

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