This summer, there will be a season of Manga films shown on the Barbican’s big screens. Some big name films are in the mix, including Patlabor. which I would say is the second best Manga film ever made (no guesses needed for #1).

The season is all about the fusion with and problems that come with human-machine interfaces, from robots to cybernetic implants.

All tickets cost £12.60 and need to be booked in advance.

Tetsuo, The Iron Man + panel discussion

Thur 12th Sep 2019, 18:30

The horror – and the pleasure – of a body infected and transformed by technology are at the core of this thumping cyberpunk nightmare, a key reference for the anime that followed.

Macross Plus The Movie + introduction

Sat 14th Sep 2019, 18:00

A fresh approach to a long established franchise, Macross Plus The Movie features a love triangle, a deadly rivalry, a virtual idol singer and some of the most dazzling combat sequences ever animated.

Patlabor The Movie + Introduction


Based on a successful franchise (high concept: city cops with robots instead of patrol cars), this movie takes the team and their machines into darker territory as technology and mysticism collide.

Ghost in the Shell + Introduction by Shoji Kawamori

Wed 18th Sep 2019, 20:45

How human are you if every part of you is cybernetic and you’re not even sure who controls your brain?

Roujin Z + introduction

Tues 24th Sep 2019, 18:45

Japan has one of the world’s largest economies and a highly advanced technological sector. Japan’s Right wants to re-militarise. Japan has a rapidly ageing population. Three issues, one outcome?

Summer Wars + introduction


A dazzling movie by the best director Studio Ghibli ever let go, this is both visually delicious and solidly plotted, combining age-old romantic and family drama with terrifyingly possible technology.

Metropolis + introduction

Sun 29 Sep 2019, 16:00

Osamu Tezuka created his manga Metropolis based on a single still from Fritz Lang’s movie in a story in his mother’s film magazine. This movie version matches Lang’s epic for scale, drama and pathos.

Paprika + introduction

Mon 30th Sep 2019, 20:45

Paprika is a film about dreams – the ones we talk about, the ones we think we can keep to ourselves and the ones exposed by a new technology that allows others to enter and even control our dreams.

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2 comments on “Tickets Alert: Manga on the Big Screen
  1. Adam says:

    You mean Anime films on the big screen? Manga means comics 🙂

    • ianvisits says:

      I’ll bear that in mind when I look back at my Manga VHS tape collection from a company called Manga who sold Manga films.

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