If you head over to Finsbury Square at the moment, you’ll see a very odd sight – of a black steam train surrounded by seating.

This is SmoKing’s BBQ locomotive — and is actually a gigantic barbeque serving up meaty meals for the locals. It makes perfect sense, as steam train firemen have been cooking their fried breakfasts on the coal skittle used to keep real steam engines running ever since the locomotive was invented.

So here in the heart of the city is a modern twist on that old idea.


Obviously, the railway pedants will whinge that it’s an American style locomotive not a British one, but pedantry of that sort is about as much use as a vegan at a meat feast. Regardless of the technicalities, it’s a lovely design, all blackened and bronzed decorations.

It could so easily have been just an industrial decorative object in the style that’s so popular in fashionable bars these days, but that it actually works — in that it cooks your lunch for you — makes it quite delightful.

According to their website, the steam engine will be serving up lunches Mon-Fri 11am-3pm.

They can also take the locomotive to events at other venues — it actually runs on the road — if you fancy having burgers for your summer fete cooked in a steam train.

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