Long running campaign for a second entrance at Putney Station too a step forward when it was revealed that Network Rail is carrying out a feasibility study into the town hall’s proposals.

Wandsworth council has long argued for a new entrance to the station – via a footbridge leading directly onto the platforms from Oxford Road.

At the moment, passengers on the nearby East Putney tube station have to walk past Oxford Road to the far end of the platforms to get into Putney station (and vise-versa), so the new entrance would significantly shorten the interchange.

As well as reducing overcrowding on platforms near the existing entrance, a second one provided in Oxford Road would mean passengers living in East Putney and beyond would no longer to have to trek all the way to the high street to enter the station.

It would also hugely improve the interchange with tube passengers using District Line services at East Putney Station.

The council has offered to help fund a new footbridge and conducted a feasibility study in 2014 to see where a new entrance could be provided, how much it might cost and where other funding could come from.

Network Rail is now investigating if the council’s numbers add up and whether it is viable to add the second entrance.

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3 comments on “Second entrance at Putney Station moves a step closer
  1. Harry says:

    The other development that should be considered is to build a car park over Putney Station, with an entrance off Oxford Road.

    • ianvisits says:

      I think we can safely say that a car-park would be out of the question these days. If anything, they are reducing car park facilities at stations in London, not building more of them.

  2. Clive H Price says:

    The relatively recent upgrading of Putney station provided step-free access to all platforms (as well as greatly expanding and improving the upper level concourse). To maintain this standard at the Oxford Road entrance would require 3 new lifts. Otherwise passengers with disabilities, prams, buggies or bulky/heavy luggage would need to ‘go the long way round’ as now. Whether the construction and staffing costs of a new overbridge, concourse and gate line would be justified by increased usage is something that NR will need to estimate. The level of funding from LB of Wandsworth is also likely to be critical.


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