Long a landmark over London, the glowing 1960s letters from the top of the Centre Point tower are up for sale – to raise money for a homeless charity.

The tower became controversial when it was left empty for several years, because the government’s tax policies made it cheaper for the owner to do that than to sublet the floors.

One of the consequences was the formation of a homeless charity, named after the tower, Centrepoint, and now in a fittingly ironic statement, the letters will be sold off to raise money for the charity.

When redevelopment began in 2015 turning the building from office space to flats the original the now tired neon lights were no longer fit for purpose and had to be replaced with LED lights.

They were later used for art, with different artists being asked to apply their own take to the old letter shells.

At 2 metres high you’ll need a large room to house one, and deep pockets to buy one as they are expected to sell for at least £3,000 each.

The letters will be exhibited at Centre Point’s VIVI restaurant and Christie’s auction house, before being auctioned later this month.

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  1. Hmm not sure where my earlier post went try again… Shame CP is now shorn of its pool, stairs and purpose, and its bridge marooned in a sea of trendy paving. Shame.

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