Get up early, for London’s sunrise will be greeted by the sight of around 50 hot air balloons drifting over central London.

Unlike previous years where they’ve flown over East London, this year should be even more spectacular as they’re promising a route over Central London itself.

The Lord Mayor’s personal hot air balloon, accompanied by up to 50 others will fly over London as part of a fundraiser for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal.

Balloon lift-off in 2015

Anticipated launch time is 5am from Battersea Park with the balloons heading towards Tower Bridge. Battersea Park will not be open to members of the public for the launch and their recommended viewing is from London Bridge or Embankment north side of the River by Tower of London.

Obviously, they can’t control the wind, so there’s an outside chance they’ll drift a bit more to the south or north than hoped for.

The amount of planning that will have had to go into getting permission to fly a lot of hot air balloons over central London cannot be underestimated, and they’ve been on standby to do this for the past couple of week.

Get up early tomorrow — 9th June 2019 — the weather’s fine and the balloons will be glorious.

Lord Mayor’s own balloon

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