Look out for more bright video screens on the London Underground, this time above escalators.

There’s long been static advertising panels above escalators at some stations, but ExterionMedia have now developed a video equivalent.

(c) ExterionMedia

According to ExterionMedia, the new 15sqm HD screen is four times more engaging/annoying (delete depending on preference) than the old static posters.

The advertising company will be rolling out Digital Gateways across five more stations on London Underground including London Bridge, Liverpool Street, King’s Cross St Pancras, Waterloo and Charing Cross during the rest of this year.

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One comment on “More video advertising screens on the London Underground
  1. Simon Watson says:

    Ugh. The most recenty escalator “maintenance” work at Euston seems to have been solely for the purpose of installing video screens on them.

    Do we really need the additional energy usage of these screens!?

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