One of a number of attempts to jump on the QV200 anniversary, the BFI has taken a look back at the black and white queen as seen on the silver screen.

Her appearance in celluloid format came surprisingly early, as she was herself caught on camera while just about still alive.

A few clips show at the end of the exhibition, which as per previous displays is basically photos and posters put into glass cases, although they also this time have a dress as well, in this case, from the 2016 TV series on ITV.

Stand in front of the dress in just the right place, and your face is reflected in the glass — and if you’re a guy, now you’re in frumpy drag.

Do pay attention to the first poster on the way up — looks like something old, but is actually the advert for the exhibition, done in classic Victorian style.

The display ranges from the conventional images of the Queen, all frumpy and old, to more recent visions of the young Victoria.

It does however, also include a 2017 Indian film which looks back on the last Empress in a way that is more reflective of the way the British Empire was seen away from the Castles and Mansions of Britain.

It’s a small display, but interesting and the sort that makes for a pleasing 10-15 minute detour when in the area.

The exhibition, Victoria: The Queen on Screen is at the BFI Southbank on their mezzanine until 14th July. Entry is free.

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