After a lengthy restoration, the Cally Clock Tower opens to the public next month, and tickets to climb up to the top are now available.

The clock tower was built as the centrepiece of a huge meat market, which has long since closed down, but the land is now a park, and the tower is still there.

The tower was somewhat neglected, but restoration works, and the addition of a new visitor centre mean that it will be possible to climb up to the top. A climb that’s worth it for up here, unimpeded by other buildings, are some stunning views of the City of London.

Spaces are limited on the Grand Opening Day, which takes place on Saturday 8th June, but the Clock Tower will be open, free of entry, on a regular basis, starting on the 22nd June.

To book a climb on the grand opening day, go here.

The official opening event takes place — on the ground — at noon.

Visitors wishing to climb the 220 steps to the top of the clock tower need to have a reasonable level of fitness, must be able to walk unaided and should be confident with heights and being in confined spaces. Most of the climb is up narrow ladder staircases.

Your correspondent did the climb in 2014 before the restoration.

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